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I mentioned this quickly in my weekend posting about 19th century UFO reports, but for those that missed it: the Darklore website has been updated since the publication of Darklore Volume 2 with three new sample articles from the latest release. The articles are in PDF format (preserving their layout from the book), and are:

  • The Fear of Psi“, by Professor Stephen E. Braude (investigating why the thought of the paranormal scares so many).
  • Darkness Over All“, by Mike Jay (on the origins of the mythos surrounding the Illuminati).
  • The Fog“, by The Emperor (on how strange fogs and mists are often found in accounts of paranormal events).

Links to the three free sample articles from Volume 1 have been removed, although I may put all six sample articles from Volumes 1 and 2 together in a single PDF file for ease of downloading (if I can find the time this week).

For the full run-down of the articles in Volume 2, visit the Darklore website, or the release announcement from last week here on TDG. Or better still, support good research and writing by purchasing a copy:

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