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A strange assortment to get you through the week…

  • At Cosmic Spoon, remote viewer Daz Smith discusses a remote influencing experiment he’s working on.
  • ‘Skepchick’ Rebecca Watson reviews Phil Plait’s new book, Death from the Skies (Amazon US and UK).
  • At Paranormalia, Robert McLuhan lets you in on the news that the ‘Dying Brain Hypothesis’ for NDEs is not dead.
  • The latest Skeptiko podcast features Carol Tavris on her book Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me), and its implications for the skeptical community.
  • The October News Update from MAPS is now available on their website.
  • This week’s eSkeptic newsletter features a review of Michio Kaku’s Physics of the Impossible (Amazon US and UK).
  • UFO Casebook #329 has the latest ufological news roundup.
  • Filip Coppens asks if Jack the Ripper was performing ritual magick.
  • Skeptic Michael Shermer jettisons reductionism and embraces God 2.0 in “Sacred Science“.
  • Hilly Rose talks to Brian Haughton about his new book, Haunted Spaces, Sacred Places, for Fate Radio (streaming mp3 or Real Audio).
  • Michael Prescott asks whether Dannion Brinkley was blinded by the (near-death) light.
  • Anthony North offers help in “How to Explain Mediums“, at Beyond the Blog.