Tuesday Blogscan 07-10-2008

A strange assortment to get you through the week…


  1. stone spheres
    “…these granite balls have to be manmade, as nature does not produce such shapes in granite. And, as such, it is clear that the spheres of Zavidovici are equally more than likely manmade…”

    Hmmmmm. Is that spherical reasoning?

    Utah marbles, Martian blueberries and a ridiculous number of other bodies in the universe are spherical. Nature does not produce them in granite? Perhaps, it might be worth considering the possibility that nature, which seems to love spheres, might make them on the scale observed with the spheres on Earth and in granite? At least, without an a priori assumption that nature cannot produce them in granite, we would seem to be seeing photos of potential evidence that nature does produce such spheres in granite.

  2. Stone (almost) sphere
    I have a stone which I would have to describe as a ‘flattened sphere’, and it is granite. It is about 10″ in diameter, weighs 6 kg. and is perfectly round. It is also completely natural as far as I am aware.

    It was found by a lady near a lagoon just off the desolate stretch of the Berkley Highway which runs into the Northern Territory from the western Queensland border. There were no other stones in the vicinity, so it’s anyone’s guess how it got there. It would not have been taken there by indigenous people as it is not a grinding stone and would have been an exceedingly heavy thing to cart on a long journey.

    I think it quite possible that the stone spheres are a natural phenomenon.

    Regards, Kathrinn

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