Navigating the Grail

Just a couple of quick notes which may help readers navigate the Daily Grail a little better. Firstly, when we post regularly, stories tend to slip off the front page fairly quickly (within a few days). To continue reading those older posts, just click on the number ‘2’, or the ‘Next’ button, at the bottom of the page. Then ‘3’. Then ‘4’. And I’ll see you next year.

Also, if a particular story interests you, you can read all other stories in the same ‘category’ by clicking on the topic immediately beneath the headline. So, in the review of SPOOK just posted, if you click on ‘Spirit World’, it will list all the most recent stories under that category. For quick reference, in case you want to bookmark any, here are some of the more popular topics:

I’m currently working on a redesign of the site which will add these to the basic navigation, but until then the above will do.