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Death From the Skies

Phil ‘Bad Astronomy‘ Plait has just had a new book published which looks well worth checking out: Death From the Skies! These Are the Ways the World Will End (Amazon US and UK). He’s posted an excerpt from the Introduction at BA, and has also been doing some regular blog entries touching on the topics discussed in the book, such as this one on the odds of being killed by a meteorite.

I do have to say I found it quite humorous though, to see Phil Plait anthropomorphising the Universe in the very first lines of the book, considering his penchant for getting worked up when ‘pseudoscientists’ do similar things. What’s that I see in your eye Phil…?

Update: Bonjour à Bad Astronomy. Riposte.

  1. I actually heard the
    I actually heard the interview with him last night on COAST TO COAST (since I was working the night shift). Amazingly he didn’t seem to mention comets even though their trajectory can not be predicted outside a 90 day window which would make them more dangerous than asteroids….

    Still when a caller asked about quantum entanglement Phil admitted it was the most baffling phenomenon in science and his summary was pretty good I thought.

    My research was trashed on his forum several years ago – my “actual matrix plan” is one summary of it.

    I find Phil’s obsession with this bizarre catastrophes to be just another example of how science kills the object which it is examining. In this case it’s planet Earth. Just like when he was discussing CERN — there’s no structural analysis of how we have only 20 years of fresh water on the planet — no mention of ecology — no mention of how the funding of “basic” science is tied to military research, etc. Instead there’s a fixation on how for the phallus can shoot sperm into outerspace and then — the projection of how life on earth actually came from sperm in space so to speak. What’s the Matter with Mary? is what I ask.

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