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We’ve reported previously about (British pop star) Robbie William’s fascination with UFOs. The former Take That member’s appetite for the UFO subject obviously remains undiminished, because he recently joined the Above Top Secret team for an investigation of ‘paranormal hotspot’, the Gilliland Ranch in Washington:

After reading many accounts from what has been termed, “credible witnesses” (airline pilots, engineers, etc…), related to strange experiences and sightings at the base of Mount Adams (and the ranch owned by James Gilliland) we decided it was time to take a look for ourselves and our membership.

While planning this excursion it occurred to me that it could be a great opportunity for us to sort of “repay” Robbie Williams for his gracious acknowledgment of AboveTopSecret.com being a haven for the free flowing discussion of the Alien/UFO phenomena with as much critical thought applied as the topic allows. We invited him to join us at the ranch and participate, first hand, in a serious field investigation (if not a preliminary one) concerned with truth, not proving UFOs or other phenomena.

The page features a number of videos taken at the ranch – of the sky, not Robbie Williams – showing various objects moving about during the day and night. Doesn’t seem to be too much there which can’t be explained by birds, insects, satellites and aircraft, but great to see this sort of investigation being done and I look forward to a comprehensive analysis of the footage.

Also on the page is a podcast interview conducted at the Ranch, featuring RW, which is a fun listen. As opposed to his stage persona, he seems much more humble and self-effacing (and pretty funny as well). Some interesting discussion of how he was brought up in a family that simply ‘believed’, and now he is having to learn skepticism because of that upbringing.