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More Bosnian Pyramid Discoveries

In the Road News section of his website, Filip Coppens has announced some more interesting news related to the controversial ‘Bosnian Pyramid’ excavation (with related image):

An archaeological site in Donje Mostre, in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramid, has unveiled a Neolithic artefact that has been dated to 6000-3000 BC. The discovery was made by students of the German University of Kiel on September 23, and was announced by Zilke Kujundžic, who is actually one of the main opponents to the pyramid project, having filed numerous petitions for the work to be stopped, claiming the entire project is a hoax. We need to specify she actually labelled the object a pyramid.

The small ceramic pyramid – in some reports also referred to as a benben stone, because of apparent visual similarities with such stones in Egypt – is a major discovery, showing that local people, millennia ago, created ceramic objects in the shape of a pyramid. One can only wonder why, noting that Donje Mostre is also the location where giant rectangular stone blocks have been found, some of which are definitely manmade.

Filip is critical over Kujundžic’s refusal to acknowledge a possible link between the find, and the ‘Bosnian Pyramid. The saga continues…

Also worth noting at Filip’s site is the news that ‘alternative history’ explorer Stan Hall has passed away. Hall organised the “Tayos Cave Expedition” in the 1970s, in search of the legendary ‘Metal Library’ of South America.

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