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Demonizing the Shepherdess

The potent shamanic herb Salvia divinorum is getting attention of all the wrong kind, with the publication of an article in The New York Times concerning it’s effects, ‘abuse’, and attention from lawmakers. Perhaps responsible for the mainstream attention are the many YouTube videos showing people imbibing ‘Sally D’:

Pharmacologists who believe salvia could open new frontiers for the treatment of addiction, depression and pain fear that its criminalization would make it burdensome to obtain and store the plant, and difficult to gain government permission for tests on human subjects. In state after state, however, including here in Texas, the YouTube videos have become Exhibit A in legislative efforts to regulate salvia. This year, Florida made possession or sale a felony punishable by 15 years in prison. California took a gentler approach by making it a misdemeanor to sell or distribute to minors.

β€œWhen you see it, well, it sure makes a believer out of you,” said Representative Charles Anderson of Waco, a Republican state lawmaker who is sponsoring one of several bills to ban salvia in Texas.

Now, I’m not sure why people acting stupid on YouTube would make anyone “a believer” in banning a natural plant…if you’re going to do that, start with Mentos and Diet Coke. Having said that, I also find it pretty damn annoying that people put stuff like this on YouTube, when the likely consequences are obvious. Not to mention my disdain for people not treating shamanic medicines with caution, and respect for the effects (which can be both positive and negative).

Salvia divinorum has actually been illegal here in Australia for a number of years already (it seems rather surreal that the more hardline United States authorities are a step behind on this one). And I’m all for regulation of some sort – this is powerful medicine, if you’re not ready for it you could get broken on the wheel. But illegality is a step too far, once again depriving serious, well-equipped psychic explorers from journeying into the ‘antipodes of the mind’, to paraphrase ayahuasca expert Benny Shanon.

You know, if lawmakers really wanted to stop people smoking Salvia, the best way would be to decriminalise marijuana. I don’t know too many people that would take on the challenge of a Salvia trip given the choice. Perhaps another interesting experiment might be to ban sales, but allow for home growing and preparation of personal material?

For a more scientific look at this New World entheogen, skip the YouTube videos and watch the Sacred Weeds episode covering it right here on TDG.

Also, if anyone is thinking of trying it (in a country where it’s legal…), please take the necessary precautions (sitter, safe place etc) – check out Daniel Siebert’s Sage Wisdom site for a comprehensive and knowledgable introduction.

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Worth checking out on Amazon: Peopled Darkness: Perceptual Transformation through Salvia Divinorum (Amazon US and UK).

  1. F*****g retards
    And I mean both the immature Youtubers AND the politicians.

    So let me get this straight: Some politicians watch in dismay some Youtube clips where a psychologically unstable (or just plain jackass) teen or tween misuse something that’s currently not prohibited, and as a consequence go and try to ban it?

    Then why the Hell have’t they banned hand guns and rifles?? We all saw the video of that idiot student that went out & perpetrated the Virginia Tech massacre. Oh, wait I forgot… booze, smokes and guns are untouchable in America.

    I would like to know what a Mazatec shaman thinks of this trend that you can buy their sacred plant online, merely for recreational purposes.

    I’m so sick & tired that the youth culture glorifies irresponsible behavior. The dumber you act, the cooler you are.

    Maybe the substance that should be prohibited is testosterone πŸ˜‰

    It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
    It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

    Red Pill Junkie

  2. Ignorance Abounds
    Just one more example of how ignorant & close-minded our government officials are.

    Let’s make sure everyone has a hand-gun, a Bible & plenty of alcohol, but if it might expand your mind–make it illegal. Can’t allow people to think outside the box. Next thing you know they might start questioning the government’s actions.

    What’s next, criminalizing chocolate, herbal teas & scented candles?

  3. Outlawing it doesn’t concern
    Outlawing it doesn’t concern me so much. I experimented with Salvia while doing the pineal gland full-lotus practice. I first chewed. Then smoked. Then smoked stronger stuff and I had no visions but kept blacking out, coming to with the sensation that my whole life had been a dream. Finally I came to while maintaining self-awareness and heard myself saying, “my third eye is finally open!” The room was pitch dark, a hat was over my heads, my eyes were closed and I held my hands out: rainbows around my hands. Then the drug wore off but I dreamt about these Mola fabrics from the Kuna people who smoke pot religiously. Salvia supposedly works like pot.

    What I like about salvia is that it’s the strongest psychoactive drug and therefore it kicks the ass of the other visionary drugs, thereby undermining their “spiritual” force. For example there’s this dude online who did Salvia and DMT at the same time — the machine elves of DMT were taken over by the Salvia elves, so that the DMT elves had Salvia elf body parts and clothes. Others online who’ve done DMT and Salvia say that Salvia is stronger — and that’s the real threat of Salvia.

    Modern science states that visionary drugs just shut down the thalamus so that the cerebellum directly downloads phosphenes into the prefrontal cortex. With the magnetized pineal gland I was able to over-ride this process so that no visions occurred although a nice aura experience happened. That’s why the Bushmen didn’t use drugs for healing — alchemy creates electromagnetic fields while drugs are still in the realm of electrochemical energy.

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