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Announcing: The Long Trip

I’m very pleased to announce the publication of a new Daily Grail Publishing release, a freshly minted edition of Paul Devereux’s wonderful book The Long Trip: A Prehistory of Psychedelia (available now from Amazon US and Amazon UK):

Once again, another great cover from our good friend Mark James Foster of Artifice Design.

The book title says it all: author Paul Devereux explores the use of psychedelic substances throughout human history, and right across the globe. It’s a great read, fascinating in its insights, and I’m really proud to have brought it back into print in a newly edited version (originally released in 1997, but more relevant now than ever).

I’ll post a bit more about the book, perhaps with some excerpts later – hopefully by then Amazon will be showing the cover image! But wanted to give a heads-up to readers, because I know plenty of you will be very interested in this book.

Update: At this moment, Amazon US are discounting the book right down to $12.10 – not sure how long that will last, but you won’t see the book cheaper than that!