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  1. America: the United States of Freemasonry
    So what do you do if you’re American but not a Freemason? – go back to your housing project clutching your food stamps. Because you ain’t going to be getting anywhere in the United Masonic Paradise of America.

    Dan Brown’s long-awaited new book “The Solomon Key” will supposedly reveal that Washington DC is constructed according to an elaborate Freemasonic plan. The U.S. Dollar is well known to be full of Masonic insignia. The “National Treasure” movies starring Nicholas Cage have covered similar ground. The NT movies choose to present Masons in a positive light. The producers were Freemasons, no doubt.

    From the ranks of Skull and Bones, the elite Yale secret society, have come any number of influential, rich and powerful Americans, including three of the 43 American presidents. Remember that only one Roman Catholic – JFK – has ever sat in the White House. In other words, a tiny secret society has yielded more presidents than the world’s largest religion. Did the members of Skull and Bones achieve their pre-eminence because of their merit or their membership of a secret society that lusts after as much power as it can grab? Does anyone seriously imagine that people in these organisations do not, wherever possible, feather each other’s nests and promote each other’s interests?

    And what about the Bohemian Club and their Bohemian Grove shindigs? Check out this table of their influence at the board level of some of America’s major corporations:

    Corporations with Three or More Directors Who Were Members of the Bohemian Club in 1991

    Corporation Number of Directors in Bohemian Club
    Bank of America 7
    Pacific Gas and Electric 5
    AT&T 4
    Pacific Enterprises 4
    First Interstate Bank 4
    McKesson Corporation 4
    Carter-Hawley-Hale Stores 3
    Ford Motor 3
    FMC 3
    Safeco Insurance 3
    Potlatch Industries 3
    Pope and Talbot 3
    General Motors 3
    Pacific Bell 3

    Source: Peter Phillips, A Relative Advantage: Sociology of the San Francisco Bohemian Club. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California, Davis, 1994, p. 77.

    There are many other secret societies of this type – all Masonic in their nature, and all immensely powerful. If you’re not in one of them, what chance do you have?

    According to Mike hockney’s book the Armageddon Conspiracy, America is a Masonic country to its core, designed from the outset to support and promote Masonic aims. Now, I don’t pretend to know if all of Hockney’s “facts” are true, but they mostly seem to check out pretty well, though some are obviously highly speculative.

    Anyway, here’s a brief list:

    1) Freemasonry has its roots in the secret practices of the Knights Templar, and, in turn, the predecessors of the Templars, going all the way back to secret societies of Biblical times.

    2) America isn’t named after Amerigo Vespucci at all, but after a mythical shining star called “Merica” that supposedly marked a lush land in the west – a new Atlantis – that would be a safe haven and paradise for those fleeing from persecution. Many of the Europeans who emigrated to America were, of course, followers of persecuted, non-conformist religions.

    3) The Templars were outlawed by the Vatican for heresy. Their mighty fleet and vast treasure simply vanished from history. Did they head for the promised land in the west? Hockney says they landed in America, gave it that name in honour of their mythical shining star, and lived there for many decades, safe from Vatican persecution. But they were few in number and they needed more recruits, so, when the time was right, they sent a man back to Europe to find fresh blood and new settlers. That man was none other than Christopher Columbus! (Very far fetched, but certainly a provocative idea – not too much is really known for sure about Columbus’s background!)

    4) The Templars evolved into the Freemasons.

    5) Nearly every prominent American in the War of Independence, from Paul Revere onwards, was a Freemason.

    6) The Constitution of the USA was drafted by Freemasons and based on Masonic principles.

    7) Many if not most of the signatories to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were Freemasons.

    8)The first President was a Freemason.

    9) Many presidents were openly Masonic and many others were suspected of being Masons. JFK, the first Catholic President, was perhaps the only American president in history who wasn’t a Freemason.

    10) Freemasons are, of course, fascinated by the figure of King Solomon and the building of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, from where the Knights Templar derived their name. So, should we be surprised by America’s bizarre support for Israel? As far as foreign policy goes, alienating over a billion Muslims in order to support six millions Jews in a country very far away amounts to madness. But it’s fully consistent with the aims of Freemasonry.

    11) The most powerful groups in America are those with Scottish (Protestant), Northern Irish (Protestant), English (Protestant), German (Protestant), French (Protestant), Scandinavian (Protestant) and Jewish ancestry. Go figure!!!!

    12) The poorest people in America have few if any connections with Freemasonry.

    13) Irish Catholic Americans took a long tome to get anywhere. Not until JFK’s time did they finally break through.

    14) Italian Americans (Catholics) had to resort to gangsterism (the mafia).

    15) Polish Americans (Catholics) have fared similarly to the Irish and Italians.

    16) Hispanics are still way down in the pecking order.

    17) Blacks remain at the bottom. They have the least connection with Freemasonry, and, historically, were often the slaves of Freemasons. George Washington himself was a slave owner.

    Any government committed to fairness should introduce specific legal sanctions against cronyism and nepotism, and all organisations such as the Freemasons that operate on this basis. The “connections” of all people in positions of influence should be investigated by the authorities to check for patterns of systematic bias and membership of secret clubs and societies. The process could be run along similar lines to antitrust legislation because it basically amounts to the same thing.

    Don’t let anyone kid you that the world isn’t ruled by Freemasons.

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