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BREAKING NEWS: My back is killing me! Because of that the news are early today.

  • Georgia Hoaxers issued an apology video on their attempt to bamboozle the world with their monkey suit—and trying to implicate Biscardi in the deception as well—More on this sad and smelly story here. Oh, and here too.
  • And as it was to be expected, the happiest persons with this whole debacle are none other than the usual skeptics.
  • Americans? Russians? Chinese? Pffft! The Chileans are trying to woo the really powerful allies, and have opened the country’s first UFO trail. Traitors!!!
  • In South Africa, a lecturer and his students detected a very strong alien signal with their custom-built radio telescope. I only hope the South African Intelligence agencies will be gentler with them than the AFOSI was with Paul Bennewitz [‘Project Beta’ by Greg Bishop, available on Amazon US & UK].
  • Was the Secret Service overruled in the release of FAA radar data on the Stephenville UFO? Or is it all part of the same disinfo game they’ve been playing with us?
  • Blurry UFO pic of the day: This one’s from Bridgnorth.
  • A ‘minor planet’ named 2006 SQ372 is now closer to the Earth than Neptune, on its 22’500-year journey around the Sun. Our overlords from Nibiru… are close O.o
  • Mars’ ice clouds eat up ozone. Soooo… are we talking of vaporous extraterrestrials here? Come on NASA, give me something!!
  • Placebos work better in children. Lucky little bastards…Ouuu, the pain! 🙁
  • Freeze your dead baby and revive it later, the kosher way.
  • Fetus mummies were likely king Tut’s. Talk about missing alimonies…
  • Remember that quarrel between Spain and the Florida-based Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. over a gold treasure? Well, Peru has joined the party!
  • That mysterious underwater sound that’s been keeping scientists scratching their heads are not USOs, but sea urchins chewing their food. Yeah right! Like we’re gonna fall for that.
  • So you think the Grail is missing from Leonardo’s famous Last Supper? Think again! (H/T to our own Carol Noble).
  • Symmetrical bodies are more beautiful to humans. So that would mean Stephen Colbert got married to a goblin 😉
  • How to watch Faux news? Veeeeery slowly. 1, 2, & 3 examples of why a little NLP comes very handy these days.
  • Another reason why you shouldn’t trust TV: Lifelike animation heralds new era for computer games. Then again, the folks at Cartoonbrew are not impressed.
  • The fat that could make you lose weight. And I’m not talking about your money-grabbing brother-in-law.
  • Physicists transmit light through opaque materials. No, they didn’t use James Randi’s head.
  • Alan Boyle gives us another twist on the Doomsday Debate, now that the LHC is about to be started.
  • ‘Watchmen’ movie may be delayed as studios battle over rights. You hear that? That’s the sound of a million fanboys crying 🙁
  • Y’all ready for a Nuclear War? Come on, sell your SUV & build a homely shelter instead! :0)

Thanks to Greg, Rick, Kat, Perceval & Mr. Rodríguez (that’s the kind gentleman that injected me to easy my suffering).

Quote of the day:

”No man is happy without a delusion of some kind. Delusions are as necessary to our happiness as realities.”

Christian Nestell Bovee