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‘Medium’ Moves to Reality

The woman who Dr Gary Schwartz describes as the “Michael Jordan of mediums”, Allison DuBois, is moving into reality television with the Sci Fi Network. Although made famous via the ‘semi-biopic’ television show Medium, DuBois has often been accused of inventing parts of her personal story, most notably her claims of working with law enforcement agencies to help solve crimes. The new show seems designed to answer those critics, going by this posting on her husband’s MySpace blog:

Hello! I’ve designed a show to bypass political red tape. No more law enforcement denying working the case. I’ve assembled the best of the best in their expertise to tear apart cold cases and when we’re done gathering our findings we deliver our results to the police and the families. If you have a cold case that occurred in the US and was ruled a homicide contact us at We air on Sci Fi this, year wish us well.

This MySpace posting followed on from one in which Allison DuBois took issue with Dr Gary Schwartz and medium (and TDG member!) Marcel Cairo, for allegedly attacking her:

Recently it has been brought to my attention that Gary Schwartz (“scientist” who use to study me) and his cronie Marcel have been bad mouthing me. First let me say that people in the spiritual field are not suppose to spew venom they are suppose to embrace their intuition and the otherside…I know Gary and Marcel will be very happy for me. By the way I’ve never met or heard of Marcel until I was informed that he can’t get enough of me.

…I’ve been told Gary’s mad because he was not invited to be a part of Oprah with me. Sounds like a poor sport. Maybe Gary should spend more time being a professor and less time throwing temper tantrums because I felt his lab was inadequate and left. Let’s all hope that Gary and Marcel spend more time being buddies and less time connecting themselves to my name.

I’ve mentioned previously that DuBois appears to be an excellent candidate for the scientific testing of mediumship – I’ve seen reports from various quarters that she is one of the best (no matter how you prefer to explain her ‘talent’). But this blog posting seems petulant, and in line with this account given by another person who crossed DuBois.

For one thing, I don’t know where she has the idea that Dr Gary Schwartz is attacking her (unless he is doing it in private). In fact, Dr Schwartz seems to go above and beyond the call of civility by refusing to discuss Dubois, apart from in the context of his research. As the pointed Phoenix New Times article referenced earlier stated, “Schwartz will not comment on DuBois, even to defend himself, preferring to talk only about his experiments.” In fact, the only comments I have seen from Dr Schwartz in the past couple of years, regarding Allison Dubois, is that he still regards her as one of the best mediums he has investigated.

Furthermore, in the comments to the blog post, Allison DuBois makes the amazing admission that “I personally never read the article all though many of my friends did and they asked me to not read it because it wasn’t true. I feel sooo loved and protected by those who see me clearly.” One might wonder whether DuBois should reconsider the advice her friends are giving her, if they are so obviously wrong about Gary Schwartz “bad-mouthing” her. And whether she should post responses to articles without even reading them…

She may have more of a case with Marcel’s blog post, although again it was hardly attacking her. Marcel is a medium who is staunchly in favour of credibility when it comes to mediumship, and is keen to see mediumship studied in-depth by scientists.

Make no mistake, this post is not about one medium railing against another medium, or a psychic bashing driven by professional jealousy. This post is about the integrity of The Great Question – “Do we survive?” To me, this question must be defended before it is debated. If the people making the case for the survival hypothesis lose credibility, the question itself loses credibility.

Marcel has since responded to Allison DuBois’ blog post, although I fear in viewing the comments that it’s all sliding further into one ugly mess – and as I’ve said previously, that’s the last thing that is needed.

  1. Lurn to spel
    Allison’s indignation would be more credible if she was a little more literate in her posting. It’s hard to take seriously someone who doesn’t have a grasp of spelling or usage.

    She seems to have caught the “I’m almost famous” disease that’s afflicted so many, wherein minor disagreements become attacks so the near-famous person can portray themselves as a victim and rally their “fans” to their support. It’s a timeworn tactic.

    I wish her very well in her show, but I tire of this nonsense that drags mediumship through the mud.

      1. text markup
        Text markup can also be quite useful. It can be used to clarify things. Such as describing the Great Panda, an animal that eats, shoots and leaves.

        It is not how fast you go
        it is when you get there.

  2. Well the obvious is that we
    Well the obvious is that we all can consider ourselves “liberal” (in both senses of the word) objective bystanders on this issue. Yesterday I was reading one of those remote viewing books — Paul somebody. Anyway the context in which these experiments happen is the key. It’s just like a musician training — the professional standard is at least 6 hours a day and then they should avoid anything that might threaten their hands, or mental focus, etc.

    Gotta go.

    1. Remote Viewing book
      Reading the Enemy’s Mind by Paul Smith?

      Regarding DuBois — if she hasn’t read Schwartz’s article, then her criticisms of the article and Schwartz himself are null, void, invalid, and can not be taken seriously. Her fanclub is a little too Oprah, a cultish fervour, and her MySpace comment is one you expect from a bitchy 14-year-old schoolgirl, not from a mature adult. She’s more and more a celebrity first, psychic second, and this is a real shame. Thankfully Gary Schwartz has kept a cool head, and I can only hope that the field of psychic research isn’t irreparably damaged.

      1. Alison’s credibility
        I read her first book and was astounded by how false it all sounded. Unfortunately I tend to agree with the old idea that ‘real’ psychics don’t get paid for what they do. I believe 100% that there are people who have certain abilities in terms of psi, possibly mediumship (not sure on that yet), remote viewing etc. but I think it is not so reliable that you can justify charging people for it. That’s just my opinion from my own experience and what I have read and seen. I am very open to being proven wrong.
        However, John Edwards and his ilk leave me cold – as does Alison’s posting.

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