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Dean Radin is Everywhere

Parapsychology researcher Dr Dean Radin has written an excellent article for Reality Sandwich, titled “What Gorilla?: Why Some Can’t See Psychic Phenomena“. Radin’s essay is, ostensibly, a reply to coverage by Skeptical Inquirer of a conference that he helped organise which discussed the psi topic – you can read the two SI articles here: one by Ray Hyman, the other by Amir Raz. But it also stands alone as a good, simple introduction to psi research and the ‘battle’ with organised skepticism for scientific acceptance. And the battle continues, with Evan Bernstein of the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe podcast posting a reply to Radin’s article just yesterday.

Marcel Cairo’s AfterlifeFM podcast this week also features an extended chat with Dr Radin. Recorded earlier in the year, it covers plenty of ground over its 45 (or so) minutes – and as usual with Marcel, ranges from the ridiculous to the sublime (and I mean that in the best possible way!). Heck, TDG gets namechecked in there, so let’s just call it one of the best podcasts of the year…

Lastly, Dr Radin has posted a video news story about the Global Consciousness Project on his blog, with some critical comment about the news report (both in the story, and in the comments below). If you’re not Radined out after all of that, you’re truly a psi junkie.

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