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The good folk at New Dawn Magazine have released their annual ‘Special Issue’ (#5 in the series), and is chock-full of the strange and mysterious:

UK authors John Pickering & Katie Hall examine the phenomenon of Orbs, asking is the veil to the Spirit World lifting? The world’s leading expert on sacred sites Freddy Silva looks at Crop Circles and Sacred Geometry. NASA whistle-blower & best selling author Richard Hoagland speaks out about the US space agency’s secret agenda. Kosta Kovalenko introduces the story of Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia. There’s Neil Freer on the Anunnaki & Zecharia Sitchin on Adam’s Alien Genes. Also Victoria LePage on Javanese mysticism & Louis Proud on Hungry Ghosts.

Ordering details are available at the website. New Dawn have been terrific supporters of The Daily Grail over the past couple of years, so if the above content interests you, why not return the favour.

Update: David from New Dawn informs me that they have now made this issue available in electronic format – for just $US5, you can download the PDF of the complete issue.