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Alan Boyle posted an interesting article at Cosmic Log this week on whether we should be trying to contact ET (though you’d already know that, because you’ve got it bookmarked – right?!). He quotes David Brin, who is wary of what he calls METI (Messages to Extraterrestrial Intelligences – aka ‘Active SETI‘), warning of the possible consequences of “shouting into an unknown jungle that we do not understand”. Brin authored a Lifeboat Foundation report a few years ago titled “Shouting at the Cosmos: …Or How SETI has Taken a Worrisome Turn Into Dangerous Territory”. He believes there should be regulation, on behalf of the people of the Earth, as to what is allowed to be broadcast ‘out there’.

As I’ve noted before, I do find it quite funny how ufologists are routinely dismissed because there’s apparently no way that ET could ever travel the vast distances to the Earth, and yet we have this serious debate taking place about the dangers of inviting extraterrestrials to…travel to Earth!

Anyhow, I’ve created a new poll which asks you for your opinion. Share your answer to the question, and if you want to expand on it, please feel free to comment on the poll. Older polls are archived here, including the most recent one in which the majority of respondents believed conspiracy was involved in the collapse of WTC 7.