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One of my dreams would be to do a tour of the megalithic monuments of the world. The next best thing, though, stuck here in the Daily Grail Dungeon, is to take a video tour in HD. And now, that’s possible – at least for the megaliths of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Standing with Stones is a newly released DVD, which takes you through the numerous stone monuments which usually sit in the shadow of Stonehenge’s fame:

There are about 1000 stone circles in the British Isles. If you include other megalithic monuments such as stone rows, long barrows, cairns, cists, standing stones and others, the number runs to tens of thousands. Yet most people can only name one.

This DVD is an exploration beyond Stonehenge, a discovery of the wealth that is megalithic Britain. Written and presented by explorer and naturalist Rupert Soskin, this film takes the viewer on a 2 hour prehistoric pilgrimage, visiting more than 100 of the less familiar (but no less extraordinary) sites up and down the country, from Cornwall to the Scottish Isles.

There are two trailers for the DVD on the website, as well as sample videos from a number of the sites (click on the locations in the map at the top). Looks like it has top class production and photography, and the DVD is only £17.99 (shame about that pound sign…damn exchange rate!) – a real find. Not only does it give a great run-down of the circles, but it puts you right there in the landscapes, which to me is half the magic. Thanks Marcus for the heads up.