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At a bit of a crossroads at the moment, wondering where to go with TDG. Server costs have just jumped appreciably, and my free time is growing more and more limited. Somehow, I need to make the website become a (paying) job for me, to justify the necessary time and expense involved in running the site. The dream would be to work full-time on it, and have the time to host regular interviews and features (perhaps even in video form) – in other words, regular frontline content. Being able to devote serious time to the site would also result in a far more professional presentation

The strange fact is that if every person who visited TDG regularly paid $1 for a year of access to daily news (compare that to $30 for a yearly magazine subscription for 6 mags), I would earn that full-time wage. However, the intarwebs just don’t seem to work like that. So I’m at a loss on how to achieve my aim. I may make July ‘voluntary subscription’ (donation) month, for those who are willing to pay a small amount – just to help pay the bills. Obviously, we have other projects working towards that goal (e.g. Darklore), and I’m hopeful that they will one day make us self-sufficient. But apart from that, I’m open to suggestions from readers on how to make TDG a bit more of a worthwhile investment of my time. (Selling my body will *not* be a money spinner, unless I get paid by the kilo).