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Images of Deception

Just have to share one of my favourite images (with caption) from inside TDG’s newly published book, Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults by Dr Jacques Vallee (Amazon US and Amazon UK). The lifestyle contrast is jarring – click the image for a larger version:

John Shepherd has established this UFO-detecting station in his grandparent’s home. The contrast between the two lifestyles is striking as John checks his eight television monitors from the console of his center. His equipment includes radar, sonar, scanners, and homing devices which attempt to track the “Aliens” he believes are studying the earth. (courtesy UPI)

Remember, this was in the 1970s – mad props to Mr John Shepherd for assembling that array of equipment (and then having the balls to plonk it right down in grandma’s living room). Respect!

Also, I’ve had plenty of compliments on the oh-so-cool cover to the new edition. The image we used is by Australian artist Andrew Ostin, who creates absolutely beautiful fractal works.

Check out his DeviantArt gallery for plenty more eye candy (there’s more than 20 pages to browse) – if it really grabs you, you can even purchase prints of his best work. Not to forget our good friend Mark James Foster of Artifice Design (also worked on Darklore and Sub Rosa), who slotted everything together to make the cover complete.