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Anomalist Books have released Fatima Revisited (Amazon US and UK), the final instalment of their ‘Fatima Trilogy‘, which looks at the history and facts behind the ‘miracle of Fatima’. Fatima Revisited is an anthology of articles by numerous high-profile investigators, including Michael Persinger, Jacques Vallee and David Jacobs:

Believers and skeptics have long pondered the identity of Our Lady of Fátima, the brilliant entity who appeared above Fátima. Was she the Virgin Mary, sharing divine secrets with believers? Was she an angel, bringing a message of peace to a world at war? Or was she an alien being, inspiring humanity to look up and contemplate the mystery of the Cosmos? Now, in Fátima Revisited, an international panel of top scholars subjects the legendary apparitions of Fátima to the scrutiny of modern scientific analysis; explores the connections between encounters with apparitions, angels, and aliens; and proposes a new paradigm for such unexplained phenomena.

I have the first two books, which were excellent, and will definitely be picking up this final instalment. Fatima has so many aspects of the crossovers I often talk about in paranormal experiences, and is really deserving of some serious study. Very interested to see what folks like Vallee and Persinger have to say about it.