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Our buddy Nick Redfern – that maven of ufology and cryptozoology topics – sends word of a new blog dedicated to reviews of Fortean publications:

I have set up a new blog to review new books (or new editions of old ones), magazines, DVDs, etc in the field of Forteana.

If you are interested in having your product reviewed do let me know. My blog links are sent out daily to many online websites, news-groups and blogs, thus guaranteeing you a wealth of publicity.

The blog address is:


Nick’s writings form a fairly impressive assemblage of Fortean publications themselves, check out his official website to view his back catalogue. He is also a ‘regular’ for our Daily Grail anthology Darklore – he wrote about the ‘Flying Triangles’ for Volume 1, and in the upcoming Volume 2 Nick’s contributed a great piece on the occult lore surrounding Loch Ness.