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New Dawn #107

The latest issue of New Dawn magazine has been released, and as usual there are a few free articles to give you a taste for the entire mag.

  • The British Occult Secret Service“: Since the days of Queen Elizabeth I the British secret service has had a strange relationship with the world of magic and the occult – Michael Howard investigates.
  • “The Financial Tsunami (Part 1)”: Author and economist F. William Engdahl takes a behind the scenes look at the economic collapse now underway and the origins of the global financial system.
  • G.I. Gurdjieff & the Hidden History of the Sufis“: Victoria LePage sheds light on the little known influence of the Sufi mystical tradition and its connection to the remarkable spiritual teacher George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff.
  • “The Masters of Gary Renard”: Around Christmas of 1992, Gary Renard had an extraordinary life-changing meeting with a man and a woman who claimed to be ascended masters. Richard Smoley investigates his incredible story.
  • “In Search of Invisible Masters”: The arcane lore of the East tells of an ancient community of wise men who possess divine knowledge and mystic powers. Mehmet Sabeheddin examines the role played by Hidden Masters in the Western esoteric tradition.

Full details, including subscription instructions, at the ND website.

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