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Get Yer Cog On

Last week I posted the music video for “Birds of a Feather“, by Australian prog-rock bank Cog. Just wanted to mention that I’m really digging the entire album Sharing Space, and would recommend it to anyone looking for some good music – these guys are definitely plugged into the source. Not as heavy-riff oriented as their debut album The New Normal, but the new album instead uses more dynamics and isn’t afraid to rock out when it suits the song – to me, a definite progression. The album was co-produced with Sylvia Massey, who has previously worked with Tool (Undertow) and System of a Down. Can’t say enough good things about this band, if they stick at it they will be huge. Hopefully they put more 7+ minute songs on their next album, because they are killer at them.

Get your hands on the album, or at least a track or two – perhaps start with the first single “What If” which has the prog-rock feel but is single-length. And make sure you give it some listens, because – as with all great music – it takes a while to really get the songs. As I always say, support good music! Probably the best way to get it in the U.S. would be via iTunes, use the link on the Cog website (let me know if it’s not available in the States). It would be great to see Cog get some serious support from a big U.S. label, what they’ve produced so far on a virtual shoestring has been impressive – so spread the word. I’ll try and post a full review next week.

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