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Yahoo has video of a strange news case in which it is claimed that an elderly woman was dead – that is, with no brain waves – for 17 hours, before suddenly resuscitating herself as nurses made final preparations for the dead body. The family had made the decision to turn off life support, but the woman was left on a respirator for almost a day as a decision over organ donation was mulled over, despite showing no signs of brain function.

When interviewed, she said “I feel blessed and I know God has something in store for me.” It would be interesting to know if she underwent any sort of (Very!) Near Death Experience, and also to get a full report from a scientist/medical doctor rather than relying on this media report for details. Much more here and here. I still have some questions over the “10% chance of survival” mixed with “no neurological functioning”, and also how long her body temperature was lowered via hypothermia. Thanks RPJ and Kat.