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A space-time vortex has been created, with news that Richard Dawkins will guest-star as himself in an episode of the new Dr Who series. The revelation was made in The Independent, in an exclusive interview with writer/producer Russell T. Davies:

“People were falling at his feet,” says Davies, creator of the BBC’s flagship show. “We’ve had Kylie Minogue on that set, but it was Dawkins people were worshipping.”

As writer and executive producer of Doctor Who, Davies often plays with religious imagery (from a cross-shaped space station to robot angels with halos), but he’s a fervent believer in Dawkins. “He has brought atheism proudly out of the closet!”

The afore-mentioned vortex comes into play because of the fact that Richard Dawkins is married to actress Lalla Ward, who played Romana in the (halycon) Tom Baker days. His good friend, the late Douglas Adams, also wrote for the program for a short time. (Points go to this Slashdot commenter for some funny lines).

If the Big D on TV isn’t enough for you, there’s also news of a pilot for a new series titled “Skeptologists” (ugh, ugly name!). This reality TV show brings together an all-star ‘Skeptic’ line-up (Michael Shermer, Steven Novella, ‘Bad Astronomer’ Phil Plait, and others) to debunk the woo-woo and bring clear thinking rationalism to the desert of supernatural bunkum that is modern TV. Or something like that. So, be happy, your intellectual salvation is at hand. If this gets picked up, I expect to see none of you here by this time next year…