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My love for the Society for Scientific Exploration is overflowing at the moment, after discovering that they have put Volumes 19 and 20 of the Journal of Scientific Exploration (that’s all 8 journal issues from 2005 and 2006!) online as free PDF downloads. Within you’ll find all sorts of cutting edge scientific investigations, commentaries and reviews on various ‘fringe’ topics – contributors include Ian Stevenson, Gary Schwartz, Dean Radin, Robert Jahn…all the usual suspects, the list goes on and on. Seriously, you could download these and be reading for the next few weeks. So I’ll see you then.

Don’t forget that you can have the latest hardcopy issue of JSE in your hot little hands simply by subscribing to the journal (see the bottom of the page). Also note that joining the SSE means that you get complimentary issues anyhow, so you may find that worthwhile as well. It is *the* journal of choice for anybody interested in ‘alternative’ science ideas, so definitely money well spent.