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Huge news: I mentioned last week that the website of the Society for Scientific Exploration had posted two volumes of the most excellent Journal of Scientific Exploration (JSE) online as PDF downloads. Seems I jumped the gun a little – if you head to the JSE website now, you’ll find that they have actually made *all* volumes from 1987 to 2006 available as free PDF downloads. That’s 20 volumes/70 issues of JSE (!!!) – absolutely the most important journal for ideas on the edge of science and knowledge.

A short and general list of topics covered (in a scientific manner) in the 20,000 or so pages now available: remote viewing, earth lights, ball lightning, reincarnation, telepathy, psychokinesis, ufology, the afterlife, crop circles, fringe archaeology, biofields, ‘orbs’, intelligent design, precognition, poltergeists, earthquake phenomena and cryptozoology. The list of contributors is a who’s who of ‘alternative research’, and in each volume there’s also commentaries, letters to the editor, and reviews of the most interesting books on these strange and wonderful topics. There is literally so much content in these 20 volumes that I think we should perhaps post and discuss one each month here on TDG. Can you tell I’m very excited?

To repay the favour to the SSE for this wonderful resource, and make sure you have the absolute latest issue of JSE as a hardcopy in your hands, you can subscribe to the journal (see the bottom of the page) – or alternatively, be aware that joining the SSE means that you get complimentary issues anyhow, so you may find that worthwhile as well.

Speaking of the latest issue of JSE: it’s a special release celebrating the life and research of reincarnation investigator Dr Ian Stevenson. Annalisa Ventola has a write-up of the content in the issue. (Incidentally, Annalisa also notes that the Society for Scientific Exploration will be holding their 27th annual general meeting in Boulder, Colorado at the end of June.)

Get cracking on those JSE downloads – you’re looking at about a gigabyte to download them all…