Attack of the Crystal Skulls

As expected, the ‘mystery of the crystal skulls’ is becoming more and more a hot topic in the lead-up to the new Indiana Jones movie, slated for release next month. As mentioned in the news briefs earlier this week, have posted quite a detailed and interesting feature about the crystal skulls, which I recommend anyone interested have a good read of. As mentioned in the article, and previously here on TDG, most of the mystery/controversy revolves around the provenance of the “Mitchell-Hedges skull” – and there is a good website devoted to that topic, the official Mitchell-Hedges website. Lastly, we also now have a Red Pill entry about the skull, kindly provided by our good friend, researcher Filip Coppens.

  1. Nothing new under the sun…
    Jane Walsh’s article in Archaeology provides nothing new; in fact, the counterarguments against her theory that I aired in the current issue of Nexus magazine (15.3) stand: there is NO evidence to connect these skulls to Germany, other than one antique dealer slagging the other one off, in attempts to get his share of the Mexican antiquities market.
    The M-H site is working on a rebuttal to the article – and other statements being made – and should be up shortly.

      1. H-P tests
        Sceptics do their usual play on words. H-P indeed did not publish an “official” report, but they did extensive testing, which was written up by Frank Dorland. For sceptics, this reads as “HP did not do a report”.

        That H-P did tests is documented by several photographs, some on the net, some in books (eg The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, Holy Ice, etc.)
        Also, people working at HP at the time actually did interviews for documentaries later (eg BBC Everyman, 1996), and, again, some of these interviews were written up.

        The Dorland family have a copy of this report, and we’ve asked whether we can put this up on the site at some point in the future.

        1. Incognito…
          Alternative history, science et al – lawyers incognito.

          “…lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, & talk by the hour…” Thomas Jefferson

          Interesting to consider there is little or no difference between the proponents of alternative “X” and lawyers when it comes to crystal skulls, Moon Landing Hoaxes to Water “Clusters”. Despite evidence the contrary it can never change their view. They both share their “talk (paid) by the hour” whether is is fame or fortune.


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