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Who’s Who of Aliens

Anomalist Books have published another gem of a book, this time the wonderfully odd An Alien Who’s Who, edited by Martin Kottmeyer:

Ashtar, Xyclon, Teletron, Sananda, Umaruru – so many names, so many aliens. Who can keep track of them all?

Thankfully, you don’t have to. An Alien Who’s Who has done it for you, collecting together nearly a thousand names of real extraterrestrials encountered by earthlings since flying saucers began taking over the planet. We’ve sifted through the writings of hundreds of UFO contactees, ufologists, and experiencers to bring to you not only their names, but also their views on God, Earth’s future, eternity, politics, and how we should run our lives. Like ’em or not, we strongly advise you: Don’t leave Earth without it!

The sort of book that drives those boorish CSICOPians into hysterics…but which I love to sit down and peruse with a tasty beverage in hand. You can find the book at Amazon US and UK.