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Apology in Advance

I’m slayed with a flu at the moment, so apologies if updates are a bit scarce this week. New briefs should continue as normal, but some features I had planned for this week may have to wait until I can handle the glare of the monitor…

  1. James Randi’s Million Dollar Psychic Challenge
    Congratulations, your article on James Randi is EXCELLENT! It’s further confirmation to me that James “The Amazing” Randi’s Psychic Challenge is a HOAX, a canard, a FRAUD. He has never had an intent to pay out the money and never will.
    I applied for it back in 1999 to prove homeopathy, which Randi was calling pseudoscience and its remedies “magic water,” placebos. I had experiences simlar to those you’ve related here. Briefly, when I offered methods he agreed would win his award, he stalled, argued and finally refused to communicate with me altogether, calling me names and insisting that I needed a notarized statement from a clinical psychologist before he’d continue. So I met with Gary Schwartz, a clinical psychologist, and Schwartz visited Randi in person, but that didn’t matter to Randi. He still insisted I was crazy, and John Edward a liar to boot.
    Then he attacked Schwartz.
    Not only is the man the embodiment of abuse, bent on ending all scientific inquiry into psi, quantum medicine and spiritual abilities. James Randi is as crooked as a creek. And note the religious discrimination.
    He’s not interested in science, he’s interested only in defamation of human character, the more notable the better, building his own reputation by destroying others.
    Last October, after years of ugly water under the bridge, prior to the announcement of the Psychic Challenge termination in two years I made a Youtube video titled THE SKEPTIC CHALLENGE. In this video I’ve offered to pay to anyone a thousand dollars if they can prove UNDER THE SAME TERMS as the Psychic Challenge that Randi’s offer is a valid one.
    A New York magician took the bait, then threatened to sue when I refused what he claimed was proof, and then demurred when he realized what he was getting into and begged me not to reveal who he is. Then, purporting to represent Randi, he wrote to me to say that Randi was offering me $10,000 as Randi’s bond to me for proof that his offer was valid. I couldn’t see the relevance. It sounded like shut-up money. So I ignored it, and a few weeks later heard that Randi was putting an end to the Psychic Challenge.
    Yay! Good riddance. James Randi’s Psychic Challenge has been the meanest, nastiest, most deceptive little enterprise I’ve ever dealt with.
    But now, maybe, science can make a little more progress in studying our spiritual abilities now that we don’t have this skeptomaniacal Simon Magus yapping at our heels.
    John Benneth

  2. Alíviese!
    Get well, mate 🙂

    It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
    It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

    Red Pill Junkie

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