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This year’s X-Conference will be held April 18 to 20 at the Hilton Gaithersburg near Washington, D.C.

As of today X-Conference 2008 will include: seven PhDs, one MD, two Astronauts (Edgar Mitchell & Brian O’Leary), one of 12 humans who have set foot off the planet earth (Mitchell), a former Defence Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada (Paul Hellyer), the host of the number one late night talk show in America (George Noory), the world’s leading crop circle researcher (Colin Andrews), one of the most inside people from within government regarding UFOs, remote viewing and psychic phenomena (Col. John Alexander), one of the key figures in the Rockefeller Initiate (C. B. Scott Jones), the leading expert on alternative and alleged ET derived technology (Thomas Valone), the most important living Roswell witness (Jesse Marcel Jr), three members of the legendary Aviary (Bruce Maccabee, C. B. Scott Jones and John Alexander), the leading researcher on the presidential connection to the UFO/ET issue (Cameron), two leading media researchers (Rob Simone and Terry Hansen), the resident field historian and recent television star (Richard Dolan), the heart and soul of exopolitics in Canada (Mike Bird and Victor Viggiani), a former CNN News anchor (Cheryll Jones), and more TBA.

Quite a diverse and high-profile line-up, should be a fun time.