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Tuesday Roundup 26-02-2008

Didn’t get around to posting the weekend roundup, so I’ll catch up with today’s post.


  1. The alien mind
    Anthony in his blog seems to want to separate aliens and paranormal phenomena.

    I would suggest here that it is a mistake to separate the two.

    As materially bound and limited by the closed material senses, we tend to antropomorphize our conceptualizations of what aliens are, (materially bound and limited) with what entities or projections might be (immaterial intelligences or manipulations).

    This separation is only a construct in the mind based on our material isolation.

    It might be more fruitful to not create these types of classifications and believe that what is immaterial, so to speak, is not alien to start with.

    Man is hard pressed to tell where he is from while he is busy trying to define where he is going. Even man himself might be surprised if he knew is true origin.

    1. another take on this
      Suppose that Richard has something here, and the “aliens” are from some realm that we cannot see very well.

      This could explain why they are not limited by physical limits, like the speed of light and those kinds of things.

      But this also suggests that they are just as inept at communicating with us, as we are inept at observing them.

      So do we have two sets of amateurs here? Who said the other-realm aliens are superior to us?

      wherever you go, there you are

      1. Superiority
        Suppose that they could communicate at any moment. Suppose that they are actually communicating under a veil, using their invisible (to us)position, enabling them to control beliefs through thought patterns, use manipulative projections to verify gullibility, and so on.

        Thousands of years of experience makes a huge difference.

        We have had a science here for barely a hundred years or so, and advances really started fifty years ago or about.

        Imagine what science will know that it even rejects today in 50 years, in 100 years, in 1000 years and so on.

        Technology superiority does not make a civilization superior but it gives it a relative advantage.

        They certainly are not superior as intelligences fundamentally speaking.

        I would say the difficulty is always the agenda.

        What is the agenda of the invisible? What are the agendas of the different alien intelligences? What are their affiliations? What is the true cosmo-genesis of the local universe and of the universes?

        As I mentioned earlier, we don`t know where we are from, and if we did, some of us might be mightily surprised to know what true universal status is waiting behind his impression of himself.

        Man has had the habit to either concede superiority to both aliens and the invisible and to bow, whereas the materialist reductionists have sinned by pride and refuted all that was apparently less than lowly material in nature.

        These are the faults of the spiritual mind and of the purely materialistic mind.

        Our sense of impossibility founded on our limited senses make us see things the way we do.

        The spiritual man limits himself by believing that the invisible is above him, not within, while the materialistic man limits himself by believing that nothing exist that has not been yet absorbed by his field of experience.

        Now, what would be the advantage of a race who would have gone way beyond both of these assumptions to really work with causality instead of getting stranded withing consequentiality?

        1. Clarification
          Hi Richard,
          I think this needs clarification. I don’t actually separate aliens and paranormal phenomena. I ask the question: could what we perceive as aliens be simply a new cultural take on paranormal phenomena?
          A different thing entirely.

          Reality, like time, is relative to the observer

          Anthony North

          1. actually
            Actually my response to Richard was relatively simple – we can’t see much evidence that these other ones are better than us in communicating. Or maybe they are not interested. But if they really wanted to talk specifics, and they were able to talk specifics, then they would do that.

            But they evidently don’t do that.

            So, either they are not able, or they are not interested. OR maybe both.

            You have to admit, the communication is weak, if it there at all.

            wherever you go, there you are

          2. Looking in the right place
            Hi Earthling,
            Maybe it’s a matter of looking in the right place. Maybe we don’t register alien communications because we don’t know the medium by which they’re operating – it’s too advanced. And maybe they aren’t listening because our medium is so inferior to theirs that they don’t class it as coming from intelligent beings.
            After all, do you regularly try to understand the utterings of the house fly?

            Reality, like time, is relative to the observer

            Anthony North

          3. space vs medium
            I think Richard’s aliens are of a different sort. For our every day space aliens, we assume that they are an advanced culture because they can travel across long distances in space. For Richard’s aliens, this is not necessary. They can be from right here in terms of physical distance. So there is no reason to assume that they are advanced.

            Maybe it is only house flies that have developed the global-conciousness approach that Richard believes in. Or mor likely ant hills. Maybe that kind of awareness is not well developed anywhere, which would explain why they can’t communicate very well.

            wherever you go, there you are

          4. Not flies: hornets
            Because trying to make sense of the WHOLE UFO phenomenon is like playing with a hornets nest.

            We are assuming here that a civilization that is advanced enough to, either travel across interstellar space, or manifest from their dimension or parallel universe to our own, should also be equally superior in every other cultural and technological aspect.

            And this may not be the case.

            Who were the first persons to invent gunpowder? the chinese. But they used to for kicks in recreational fireworks and fail to see its potential as a weapon.

            The mayans were exceptional mathematicians and astronomers, and were familiar with the concept of ‘zero’, yet in metallurgy and ship-making skill they were far behind the spaniards.

            There are multiple and complex reasons for this. In mesoamerica the wheel was not used as in Europe, because there was little use for it, since they didn’t have powerful animals like horses to pull carts.

            You read the multiple abductions accounts, and sometimes you get the impression that the ‘aliens” have very simmilar medical capabilities, with just one of two very cool gadgets (like implants).

            So there’s really no way to know right now. The only thing we might get is a lot of stings if we keep shaking that damn nest 🙂

            It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
            It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

            Red Pill Junkie

          5. Distance
            Hi Earthling.

            This is like anything else. To us, distance is a matter of space as we know it.

            It would obviously not make sense to travel such distances using a mechanical method.

            But if you consider for an instant what we call the invisible as another energy layer, that underpins matter, and that the laws at in that layer, including the speed of light, are not as those we attribute to the realm of our sense, senses that are segragated to the material component, then you can imagine that traveling such distances start making sense, so long as you can travel using those other laws.

            Then, you can further consider that beyond that energy layer there is another layer, that accommodates even faster speeds, which is itself supported by yet another layer, and so on for a certain number of so-called layers.

            Effectively, those races using what is for us the invisible, those layers of different material energies, would own technologies that are far beyond those we have access to. And simply because their science would incorporate those energy fields where our science consider them hocus-pocus, except perhaps for quantum physics. But even quantum physics speaks of spooky effects that cannot be reconciled with the standard model.

            So, from that stand point, what I am saying is that aliens that have access to a science that incorporates the laws of causality, meaning the laws of energy from those sub-material layers, have a superior technology and that the further they can go into those layers, so is their science more advanced. But those material races have access to a limited level within those energy levels.

            But, there are invisible races that can transport themselves at a speed that would baffle even those material races and those hierarchies that are scientifically closest to the cosmic fire would have the ability to transport themselves at a speed that to us would appear instantaneous even over distances reaching the galactic center.

            I will go further and add that a humanity is issued from such a hierarchy. That the thought source inhabits a realm very close indeed from this cosmic fire and has it technically travel multiple universes by going through not just material 3 dimensionality but through exponentionally vaster universal realms on its way to the brain as it travels the mind.

            Anyway. To me, it is the origin of the mind that defines alienship, not its location in time as it manifests.

            So, all the intelligences that are near of far did not originate on this planet, even though their vehicle, this body, may have been created here and evolved under strict guidance from cosmic intelligences.

            In other words, all there is are countless hierarchies, that are bound to certain energy layers as what we could call the ray of creation traverses them to manifest a unit of consciousness as it splits through the many interfaces and become personalized withing the receptor-brain.

            In that sense, there is no difference between aliens and spirits, except for the fact that what has been called spirits on this planet, the dead, are souls bereft of the contact with their source and therefore trapped in a temporal void made of the memories of experience, the astral. But these were brought here and these are very ignorant since they are memory and can only evolve their relationship with matter while incarnated.

            The only difference there is between a material and an invisible race is its experience within matter.

            As for global consciousness, I certainly not believe in a ‘global consciousness’ but rather I submit to you that there is a universal source to consciousness and that the various interfaces through which it manifests are individualized units of consciousness that vary in perfection based on their relative proximity of access to the universal source.

            Energy is universal. Intelligence is energy. The universal status of an individual determines how far towards the cosmic center his mind can travel to access universal archives.

            On Earth, the mind is limited to accessing astral archives, which we call memories and that result from experience, segregated from the universal source. This segregation leads to death, because an entity can only go at the limit of his connectivity.

            Within this material body, the connectivity is limited to the direct memory of the experience and when leaving the body behind, it is limited to the archived memory of human experience but segregated to the personal interpretation. So those souls are in constant contemplation of their experience, which over there is equivalent to studying down here.

            Were this connectivity be restored to allow a direct link with the source of the mind, the memories would have to be destroyed and replaced with an instantaneous realization of reality on a constant and permanent basis. The mind could then travel back to its source and its realm instead of losing consciousness and being limited to a dream state, that even though is more versatile than the limitations imposed over incarnations remains contained within the field of material experience and has no application for the evolution of the individual, since memory is not a self correcting principle, as man in matter can benefit from his self correcting spirit. The reason being that the link to the source is severed at death and this is why the dead cannot think, although they can participate in manipulating thought forms to further the agenda of their resident sub-atomic energy realm.

            But in the end, consciousness does not origin from here but this place is the terminal of a long trek from the source behind the mind tunnel and the receptor at the end of the mind tunnel, adjusted by various interfaces within the mind network. So, man as an individual is issued from a hierarchy and not all men are from the same origin. But like all alien intelligences, be they material or invisible, they are technically fulfilling a mandate but kept ignorant of the nature of this mandate because they were intercepted by other hierarchies that spiritually have been depicted as evil although their realities were never explained because the mind has been quarantined and that since that day it has become the seat of those evil hierarchies who feed on domination.

            So, these spirits we call devils and angels effectively belong to hierarchies of extra-terrestrial origin, even if they enter the local system and work within the subtle planes of the planet and have not been considered as such by the spiritualists who have historically been led to believe that the astral realm was the seat of those intelligence and have believed that because at death disconnection immediately leads to that realm, that interior communications seems to origin from close by, and that those astral masters that constantly seek to train humanity on specific tracks were available on call so to speak, they believed that universal reality was a case of locality and never considered that it encompassed worlds far vaster than the physical reality we have mapped so far by observation.

            Anyway, sorry if this all sounds OT.

          6. OT is ok
            It’s ok to be a little OT, these drifting conversations are often quite interesting, at least for me.

            I know that I am hijacking your (Richard’s) concept, and taking it somewhere else. My point is that once we assume a different kind of communication, based on a different kind of intelligence, the reason to assume that the aliens are superior goes away. It goes away when we assume that they are either right here, or that distance does not matter to them.

            So aliens that can communicate in these other ways need not be advanced. The don’t even need to be intelligent. Once you make that step in assumptions, that there can be aliens close by, and that they can be stupid, it would explain why their side of the communication does not work real well. They can’t express their thinking clearly to us, because, they have no clear thinking.

            I say that assuming we are the stupid ones is as anthropocentric as assuming we are the pinnacle of creation.

            wherever you go, there you are

          7. Sure, but then again
            If you are resposible for teaching a bunch of toddlers, it doesn’t make sense to do all the effort for them. You need to make them struggle a little, so they can learn the alphabet before asking them to read 🙂

            It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
            It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

            Red Pill Junkie

          8. Hijacking?
            Not at all Earthling.

            We were simply sharing visions from different angles for sure but aimed at the same target.

            There is a difference between being advanced and being superior.

            Advanced means more experience. Superior means another class.

            Intelligence is a universal energy and the class, or the status, of an intelligence represents the capacity to access intelligence at varying distances from its source.

            I do not believe that aliens have problems communicating at all though. I would say on the other hand that the vibratory rate of the human mental is too low to receive a communication that would otherwise make him a slave to his expectations vis-à-vis races that have mastered matter, that can dematerialize their ships at will, and who do not live their consciousness based on an animal principle supported by emotions and fears.

            Anthropomorphizing the aliens means that we assign psychological functions to them. The question I think is not so much to know if they can communicate but rather what is the agenda, or what are the agendas.

          9. Check, please!
            [quote=Richard]The question I think is not so much to know if they can communicate but rather what is the agenda, or what are the agendas.[/quote]

            And whether we are on the MENU LIST or not… 😉
            It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
            It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

            Red Pill Junkie

          10. Several things to consider
            For one, regardless of our impression of being evolved, human beings still caught within the field of their psychology are vibrating way too low mentally, so their natural telepathic ability has to be jammed with thoughts.

            Then, if, or rather when, they openly present themselves to the populations (regardless of the belief that governments would be the first to be contacted), it would be the end of this civilization (rendering current governments obsolete anyway), and this civilization has not yet run its course even thought it is getting close.

            Thirdly, it is not because you avoid interacting before it is time to do so that there is no interest. But in this case, any interaction done anonymously, behind a veil, might be limited to monitoring the ability to face reality objectively (which even our scientists appear to have difficulty with) or for others monitor the adjustment of energy with the material medium that is the animal body.

            One parallel between the invisible and the aliens that can be drawn is that they do not want to be openly admitted to or known. What best position to be in then when wanting to steer (manipulate) while avoiding objective detection (which would jeopardize both their position and the parameters of the experiment) if not by not wanting to be known objectively?

            There are way too many people that would start a cult based on extra-terrestrials. There are already lots of cults based on it. Like there are many cults based on the invisible, be it religions, sects, secret societies and what not. Both are hierarchies that are intimately linked. And man must not be in position to deify intelligences that come to him, otherwise he is in total submission and in such a position cannot be admitted as an equal.

            This is where we become buzzing flies.

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