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‘Space Machines’ Hoax

We’ve been giving regular updates on the claims of an individual named John Lenard Walson, who claims to have invented a telescope attachment which allows him to film craft orbiting the Earth. Some of these images (and video) have been posted over the past few months on, in which it is claimed that Walson has found anomalous spacecraft. However, Forgetomori has now posted a skeptical investigation into these claims. Worth noting is Mori’s statement that this case has even been labeled a hoax by “the definitely not-debunkers folks at the AboveTopSecret forum.”

  1. non-debunkers?
    >>this case has even been labeled a hoax by “the definitely not-debunkers folks at the AboveTopSecret forum.”

    When I first posted this story, I mentioned that trolls were following ‘JLW’ around from forum to forum, attacking everything he posted, and claiming his videos were a hoax. They never presented any evidence for their opinions. Thirty-or-so hours of research led me to think they were pursuing a personal vendetta for a business deal gone bad. But the same deal went bad for ‘JLW’, which is why he’s been posting his videos all over the net, and has allowed Rense to post his stills.

    If anyone’s interested, I saved my raw research — lots and lots of it, which is why I haven’t tried to organize it and post it as a blog.


    1. More like sad mistake than hoax
      It turned out that the images were of known spacecraft, which just happened to look odd when imaged at unusual angles with low power telescopes. When these first came out the expert ground observors at fpspace noted it in a minute.

    Those images of th ISS are indeed a lot clearer than the ones Walson presents in their videos.

    Let’s see how this unfolds.

    Kat, why don’t you make a blog post about your research on Walson’s story? I’m sure it would be very interesting to our fellow Grailers.

    It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
    It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

    Red Pill Junkie

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