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Norway in UFO Photographs – The First Catalogue

Now available to read online is a PDF report titled “Norway in UFO Photographs – The First Catalogue” (also downloadable):

The Hessdalen region in Norway is recognized worldwide as a location where anomalistic luninous events happen frequently. In order to be a stimulus for the long-awaited, complete, and up-to-date census of photographed activity in the area, a preliminary catalogue of pictures, films and videos of alleged UFO phenomena obtained in Norway 1900-2005 has been prepared. This catalogue places the Hessdalen phenomena into proper historical and national perspective during the two last centuries, in relation to other unidentified events in the country. It is intended to serve as a reference for observational anomalous (luminous and non-luminous, explained and unexplained) aerial phenomena in Norway.

The paper was created by the FOTOCAT project, which aims to create a catalogue of world-wide UFO photo events.