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Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull

With the enigmatic ‘Crystal Skulls’ bound to burst back into the limelight with the May release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, here’s a new website set to fill you in on some of the real-life background to the mysterious artefacts – the official Mitchell-Hedges website:

F.A. “Mike” Mitchell-Hedges (22 October 1882 – June 1959) was an English adventurer, traveller, and writer – for many, he is the real Indiana Jones, if not a James Bond as well.

Mitchell-Hedges spent some years alternating between Central America, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Some sources say he was a mercenary, others that he was a British government spy, and others that he was independently wealthy and travelling for diversion.

Today, Mitchell-Hedges is best known for his connection to a famous crystal skull: “The Skull of Doom”.

Of particular interest to TDG readers: a 1983 interview with Anna Mitchell-Hedges about the skull, the Atlantis link, and a bio of Mike Mitchell-Hedges’ life. Also, on the homepage, there is a link to the Arthur C Clarke documentary that tackled the crystal skull (I’ve posted the video here on TDG). Thanks Filip.

  1. Two good books
    Two good books I can recommend are:

    Journeys of a Crystal Skull Explorer by Joshua and Desy Shapiro (available at their website).

    The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas (Amazon US or UK). Excellent book, although they do unfairly accuse Graham Hancock of insulting the Maya by suggesting they were educated by “pale skinned” foreigners of a lost civilisation.

    I’ll have to call my parents and ask what happened to a box of old books I kept in the shed. In it was an original copy of Athur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World with a crystal skull on the cover. I’ve got a bad feeling they threw the box out. Damn, I had classic Indiana Jones choose-your-own-adventures in that box as well.

    1. so what’s your opinion?
      What’s your opinion on the crystal skulls’ enigma? are they genuine relics, or hoaxes?

      It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
      It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

      Red Pill Junkie

      1. One skull is genuine
        The Mitchell-Hedges skull appears to be genuine. But do not trust the Wikipedia article! It’s full of lies and disinformation, claiming there’s no evidence that scientists at Hewlett-Packard ever tested the MH skull. The Hewlett-Packard tests do exist, Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas visited the laboratory and spoke to scientists who were involved. Their book has photographs from the original HP tests!

        In fact, I’m going to edit that biased piece of Wiki bullsh*t right now…

  2. More info soon…
    The HP report definitely exists. It is going to be published on the M-H site over the next few weeks or months.

    Also watch out for more updates, everywhere. The MH site this weekend will publish a 1936 British Museum study of the BM and M-Hedges skull. And NEXUS will feature two articles on crystal skulls, the second about how Mitchell-Hedges got his hands on it. Expect some loud bangs and explosions on the latter – in June.

    The Skulls are back with a vengeance – or was that a line from that other movie about the Skull & Bones club?

    1. Cheers Philip
      I think it’s Indiana Jones who’s back with a vengeance, he looks pretty annoyed in the movie trailer. Although the crystal skull in the new Indy flick looks more like something Lloyd Pye would be interested in.

      I just started rereading Morton and Thomas’s Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, highly recommended to everyone with a passing interest in the subject.

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