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I Have Attained Grubbiness!

James ‘The Amazing’ Randi has seen fit to respond to my article “The Myth of the Million Dollar Challenge” in his latest newsletter. Apparently, I am a “grubby”, who has published a “19,000 word tirade”! I’ve added a postscript to the essay, noting Randi’s response, and correcting some errors (most importantly, he constantly refers and responds to Loyd Auerbach as the author of the article, which even a superficial read would show not to be the case). In happier news, the article seems to have prompted Randi to lower the odds of the Challenge to make it more inviting – so kudos to him for taking some of the criticism on board in the way it was intended.

One final note: I do think it bears pointing out (as I did in the comments section), that I did ask for comment from the JREF when writing the article. I emailed the JREF on the 4th of February about the article, asking for input. I followed up on the 7th. I received a minor contact from them on the 14th, which was actually my original ‘deadline’ that I had set for publishing the article. I therefore told them that I was extending the deadline to allow time for their input. On the 22nd, after receiving no response, I emailed them to say that I was posting the article, but that I would be more than happy to add a postscript to the article if they had comments to add. Randi’s article appeared today, the 29th. Personally, I would prefer a more constructive dialogue, rather than shouting across the room…but I can only imagine the latter suits Randi better.

  1. Congratulations!
    Nice work, Greg. I’d print out Randi’s response on a nice piece of paper in a fancy font and frame it. That’s the problem with pseudoskeptics — they can give criticism, but they can’t take it.

    1. Suggestion?
      [quote=Rick MG]Nice work, Greg. I’d print out Randi’s response on a nice piece of paper in a fancy font and frame it. That’s the problem with pseudoskeptics — they can give criticism, but they can’t take it.[/quote]

      Can you suggest a room of the house to place this long piece of paper…?

      Kind regards,
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

        1. Fame
          You know you’re making it, Greg, when Randi deems you worthy of ridiculing. Fame and fortune may not be far off.
          That’s the thing about Randi – he’s one of the best things for promoting the paranormal.
          When will fanatics realise that their fanaticism always results in the opposite conclusion?
          Now all sing along:

          There’s no business like show business …

          I’m fanatical about moderation

          Anthony North

  2. …grubby?
    grubby? chortling?

    Thanks to Randi for making me learn two new words.

    Not that I think they will be of much use, unless I wanted to sound snobby… or insult the Queen of England 😉

    It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
    It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

    Red Pill Junkie

  3. Randi’s response
    I notice there was no response by Randi to Stephen Braude’s critique of Randi’s backing down from repeating Ted Serios’s effects and refusing to allowed his correspondence on the matter to be published. (It was an extract that I posted from his recent book, “The Gold Leaf Lady.”)

    Greg: You should separate the two links in your post–they currently blend together so they appear to a single link.

  4. “[Admin]: A few added
    “[Admin]: A few added comments on this item are needed. The article which is mentioned is roughly 4,000 words not 19,000, as was previously stated. The author of said article is Greg from the Although Randi does properly quote Auerbach, it is important to note that he is not implying that Auerbach authored The Myth of the Million Dollar Challenge.”

    Yes, which is why he still has “Auerbach:” before all the quotes that Loyd didn’t say at all.


  5. Characters vs words
    Randi may have counted the number of characters in Greg’s article, instead of the number of words–with the average number of characters per word being 5, 5 x 4000 words = 20,000 characters–close to his original 19,000 figure.

    I leave it to others to make puns about Randi being a “character” himself.

  6. I, for one, welcome our new grubby overlord
    Well done!!

    One day I hope Randi will use the following words about me:


    Not necessarily in that order. Or the same sentence.

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