Khafre's pyramid

Were Khufu and Khafre’s Pyramids Built at the Same Time?

Discovery News is covering a new theory about the Giza plateau, put forward by Italian mathematics professor Giulio Magli, which suggests that Khufu planned and built two pyramids at Giza – the Great Pyramid, and the second pyramid commonly attributed to Khafre. According to Magli…

…astronomical alignments and the landscape indicate that the two main pyramids, those identified with the tombs of Khufu and Khafre, were not built in different stages. On the contrary, they were planned as a single, grand project.

“Khufu was the mind behind the project. He conceived both pyramids to have strong symbolic meaning. He wanted to state forever that his soul had joined the sun god,” Magli told Discovery News.

The study, which has been published on the Cornell University physics Web site arXiv, suggests that Khufu planned the construction of two pyramids, exactly as his father, Snefru, did in Dahshur. Only later did Khafre claim for himself the slightly smaller pyramid.

It’s interesting to note that Magli is a friend of ‘Orion Correlation’ theorist Robert Bauval. However, TDG admin Rick asked Robert about this news on Graham Hancock’s message board, and Bauval pointed out some problems that he sees with it.