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SFGate.com has a good article looking at the recent conference on ‘the afterlife’ hosted by the Forever Foundation in San Francisco. Presenters included Loyd Auerbach, Dean Radin, Bruce Greyson, Julie Beischel and Gary Schwartz:

These academics take their paranormal work seriously; they also risk ridicule on campus and struggle to find sources of funding to investigate what happens after we die. One of the issues they face is whether an afterlife is provable by scientific method. Some, like Julie Beischel, who co-founded Arizona’s Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential, think it is.

“This is how science works,” Beischel said. “There’s a question and science investigates it. You can’t draw a line and say, no, that’s outside of science. Science doesn’t have any boundaries in what it can investigate.”

Nice to see sensible, open media coverage of the event.