UFO Photos – Fakes and Mysteries

I’ve made my opinion pretty clear of recent times, that standalone video and photos of UFOs/anomalous experiences are pretty much worthless considering the advances in technology (of course, with extra information and context, images and video could certainly be valuable). But a new post on Forgetomori shows that modern technology really isn’t needed:

Reproduced here openly for the first time in almost fifty years, thanks to the work of the Brazilian researcher and historian Rodolpho Gauthier, is the article “Um Disco Voador esteve em minha casa…” (”A Flying Saucer has been in my house…”), published first in the “Mundo Ilustrado” magazine in 1954.

The article was written by Vinicius Lima, showing “how to make a Martian spaceship“, and this is the catch, the photo trickery was done by Almiro Baraúna.

Less than four years later, the very same Baraúna allegedly took photos of a real flying saucer while aboard a ship near the Trindade Island, on what would become a classic and to some, one of the best UFO cases ever.

A very interesting exposé, and worth keeping in mind when looking at evidence for strange craft in the sky.

On a slightly different tack, our good friend Alan Boyle from MSNBC has posted an article to Cosmic Log giving some UFO viewing tips. Alan talked to both UFO organization MUFON, and skeptic James Oberg, about the recent Texas sightings, fakery, and much more. Worth checking out (and as always, Alan does a great job of charting a neutral course).