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Texas UFO Explanation?

The recent sightings of strange lights over Texas has caused quite a stir, with plenty of MSM coverage. But now the U.S. Air Force has come forward saying they are to blame:

Maj. Karl Lewis, a spokesman for the 301st Fighter Wing at the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, said in a news release that an “error was made regarding the reported training activity of military aircraft” and that “10 F-16s from the 457th Fighter Squadron were performing training operations in the Brownwood Military Operating Area.”

Lewis had previously said there were no F-16s or other aircraft from the base in the area the night many of the sightings were reported.

I have to say I haven’t followed the case closely enough to comment on this new revelation. Although, this about-face from the Air Force is not the first. There was that little shindig at Roswell to begin with (you know, the retracted news release about finding a UFO), and then the Phoenix Lights flare-dropping exercise. And they wonder why people start calling ‘conspiracy’…

  1. Swamp gas reflecting Venus
    Witnesses are quite adamant that what they saw wasn’t a conventional aircraft, or several aircraft creating an optical illusion. But it wouldn’t be the first time the USAF has called people liars.

    1. More and more sightings
      That, and the witnesses did say that they saw F16 aircraft seeming to chase the craft later in the sighting. So all the Airforce is doing is confirming that the F16 craft that the people saw were up in the air around the time of the time they claimed to have seen them.

      There’s no doubt that what the people saw were not F16 jets. In providing a plausible non-UFO scenario, the Government may give people who do not yet want to believe that craft piloted by unknown pilots are roaming our skies, something else to believe. I find it interesting that they waited a few days before doing anything, almost as if they wanted to see what the reactions would be.

      I also question what the most recent sightings really mean. If UFO’s have been visiting us for so long, clearly they don’t need to send massive “mother” ships over our cities in order to learn more about us. I think they must know everything they need to know by now. But if they wanted us to see them, if they wanted to start to get us to accept them as a reality without scaring the crap out of us, maybe they would pop in over Phoenix and let us digest that. Then pop in over O’Hare and let us digest that. Then pop in over…you get the idea.

      And on a side note, if they wanted us to believe in them as Extraterrestrials, but they really weren’t and this was all a deception…then they would be doing one really amazing job at that too. Always keep an open mind and remember conclusions without definite facts are just attempts at guesses. 🙂

      1. Learn about us
        If that is the actual reason at all.

        And, there may be several, even conflicting, agendas.

        One question here:
        Why would so many different races, identified as so many different technologies, be drawn here in particular, in general secrecy, although some of those do not seem to mind creating confusion?

        1. Training?
          1. How do you “make a mistake” about 10 of your jets?
          2. As someone who has been around the U.S. Force all his life, I can tell you that having 10 fighter jets all involved in training at the same time is HIGHLY ununsual. In fact, I’ve only seen it during large scale exercises, certaintly not during routine training, and much less from a Reserve unit.

          1. Indeed
            I was gonna mention this myself, Anonymous. Glad to know we have something we can agree on other than Global Warming! 😉

            10 jets in a training excercise close to populated areas is highly unusual, and it also doesn’t gel with what witnesses say. One witness is adamant that he saw two jets chasing the UFO. Unless it’s some new USAF game of air-soccer using the latest anti-gravity ball from NASA/Nike, something is fishy with the official story.

          2. Would seem like the obvious
            As Anonymous said.

            Plus, would not those jets make a tad more noise than reported?


            If these were reported as flying fast, hovering and so on, would not low altitude jets make lots of noise and high altitude jets not move so fast as seen from the ground?

            Do jets even train at high altitude?

            One sure thing though, by making this statement, they are acknowledging that there was something going on that night, whether or not they were involved.

          3. Training
            Most Air Force training areas require the jets to train at only medium and high altitudes. Environemntalists and bitchy civilians have stopped most low level training, even if there is no populated areas nearby (another issue for another day). It’s possible that the low-level training is conducted at the Brownwood training area, which does include the County where the sightings occurred. But with a significant civilian population in the area, I find it unlikely.

            The link below is by someone who monitors radio communications coming out of the training area. He states that the training is usually air-to-air combat, which would not be done at low level.



            The planes’ training area in the Brownwood Military Operating Area includes Stephenville’s Erath County, but Allen said it does not include the airspace where he saw the object. Also, Jan. 8 was not the only day sightings were reported.

            Anne Frazor, who owns a fabric store in Stephenville, about 70 miles southwest of Fort Worth, said many in town have seen military aircraft zoom overhead from time to time as part of training operations. But she said that wasn’t what she saw Jan. 8.

          4. Reality Check
            Year: 1984. Situation: Just out of the Royal Air Force. Location: Living 20 miles from a notified training range in the north of England. Time: 0830am.

            Me and my family were having breakfast when the house nearly shook. Huge sound of droning outside. Whole family rushed out into the garden, where we were then entertained for nearly 20 minutes as we watched six A10 fighters constantly come in for practice straffing attacks.
            They’d mistaken our village for the training range. And you can guarantee USAF would never admit it.

            I’m fanatical about moderation

            Anthony North

          5. Well…
            More like a Reality Anecdote. A rather far removed one from this situation. Still, while highly unlikely it’s another possible scenario.

            “And you can guarantee USAF would never admit it.”

            I can only guarantee that I wouldn’t make such a guarantee. But I respect your certitude.


          6. Really?
            Anonymous said:

            ‘As someone who has been around the U.S. Force all his life, I can tell you that having 10 fighter jets all involved in training at the same time is HIGHLY ununsual. In fact, I’ve only seen it during large scale exercises, certaintly not during routine training, and much less from a Reserve unit.’

            It is relevant when one person reading something like this has an experience of 6 jets, at low level, during routine training, and getting lost. Such experiences are not unusual.
            I can recall, in the RAF, scrambles, during routine military exercises, when nearly a dozen jets have taken off almost at once.
            All too often I hear mistaken assumptions about military aircraft activity when dealing with the UFO. Similarly, at high speed, noise of fighters does not always equate with what is seen, and vice versa.

            I’m fanatical about moderation

            Anthony North

          7. Oranges
            Six jets, in 1982, in England, belonging to the RAF, is a far cry from today’s U.S. Air Force training guidelines in U.S. training areas. But if your cynicism towards the U.S. Military insists on taking you down that road…well, bon voyage. I did admit that it’s possible. My point is that it’s not anywhere near as probable as you seem to be insisting.

            My theory:
            It was not routine training. And it’s unlikely that there were that many jets and pilots of the 457th Fighter Squadron (a Reserve unit) on standby to be scrambled in the middle of Texas without warning. I’m leaning towards a scheduled escort of, and/or joint training with, an experimental U.S. aircraft.

          8. Reality Check 2
            Anonymous said:

            Six jets, in 1982, in England, belonging to the RAF, is a far cry from today’s U.S. Air Force.’

            Read my comment again. The year is 1984, not 1982. The RAF does not have A10s, and I never said they did. They were American, flying under NATO guidelines, which all NATO countries adhere to – don’t they?
            Two errors in such simple research, Anonymous. All you had to do was read a short post correctly.
            People, please note.

            I’m fanatical about moderation

            Anthony North

          9. Try, try again…
            82. 84. Yeah, that makes all the difference. You never mentioned NATO or the US Air Force in your initial post. You did, however, mention the RAF. The A-10 is a ground support attack aircraft and does train at low levels. But again, it’s extremely rare to find Nationl Guard or Reserve A-10 units training with more than 3 or 4 at a time. We have an A-10 squadron at the Air Guard airport two miles from where I sit right now and I have never seen or heard of more than four operating at the same time. Usually just two. You later stated that they were flying under NATO guidelines. Note that NATO guidelines are not followed in Texas, by the Texas Air National Guard or U.S. Air Force Reserves. ( Also, the A-10 cannot be found within the 457th Fighter Squardon and has no relevance to this story or the training procedures of the F-16s that are a part of this squardon.

            People, please note.

          10. Reality check 3
            From my original comment:

            ‘And you can guarantee USAF would never admit it.’

            So you are wrong to say that I never mentioned the US Air Force in my original post. And why would I say this if I wasn’t talking about USAF aircraft?
            As you said earlier that you’ve spent all your life around USAF, then I assumed you’d know that the RAF has no A10s. After all, they are the USAF’s closest partners, and work constantly together.
            In my nine years service I met and worked with lots of USAF personnel and they were all aware of the RAF’s aircraft, and the RAF theirs.
            I’m not commenting on the actual case, as it is too early for me. I’m sitting back and seeing what happens. I’m simply commenting on your previous statement, which I think was misleading.

            I’m fanatical about moderation

            Anthony North

          11. Alrighty then….
            So the USAF comment was about the incident way back when in England, or about the incident in Texas, or some misty link between the two? Other than ignoring my salient and relevant points in order to press your irrelevant and meaningless ones, what’s your overall point? Do you have one or is just being contentious the point?

            You’ve gone out of your way to be confrontational, while you haven’t really contributed to this discussion in the least. You have yet to counter my basic argument that your story from 1984, from England, involving A-10s, flying under NATO guidelines, has absolutely no relevance to the issue at hand. More importantly, you have yet to describe how it is relevent to this recent Texas story. Somehow I think you just wanted to interject yourself and found an old story that you thought would suffice. Of course, it was used as an excuse to criticize the USAF rather than actually address the story at hand. Granted, the USAF changed their story and their involvment in the story is suspicious, but that’s not a fault – it’s their job. By definition, they are secretive about experimental aircraft. I don’t think that’s news to anyone.

            BTW, RAF pilots (and Australian) have trained on the A-10. I’ve met them. They have also flown the (sometimes)exported version, the OA-10. So I don’t think you can say, with certainty, that RAF pilots weren’t flying those planes, even if they were actually USAF planes. But again, irrelevant. And for all I know, you got a breakfast call from the Base Commander giving you a full explanation and sincere aplogies for the awful racket.

            I am not an expert on the aircraft the RAF have or have not flown since 1984. Just as I’m not an expert on aircraft Pakistan flew in the late sixties, which is equally irrelevant to this conversation.

            But thanks for hijacking the thread.

          12. Hijacked?
            Good morning Anonymous,
            In the interest of accuracy I decided to post a simple comment about an experience involving many jets. This was done simply to correct your assertion that:

            ‘I can tell you that having 10 fighter jets all involved in training at the same time is HIGHLY ununsual. In fact, I’ve only seen it during large scale exercises, certaintly not during routine training … ‘

            In my experience, this comment is misleading. Thus, my comment was justified. It was not an attack on USAF. It was a criticism of your statement.
            As for RAF pilots flyihg A-10s, certainly, on exchange tours, as USAF pilots fly RAF jets on exchange tours, but the RAF certainly did not have A-10s in 1984, and I doubt if they bought them subsequently.
            You went on to say:

            ‘I am not an expert on the aircraft the RAF have or have not flown since 1984 … ‘

            And you’ve been involved with USAF most of your life? You obviously missed aircraft recognition, given to all NATO air forces so that you don’t shoot down the wrong planes. You’re really beginning to scare me now!
            And then you said something else:

            ‘You’ve gone out of your way to be confrontational … ‘

            How come? I offered a single comment about an incident. The confrontation began after that.
            But best of all, you said:

            ‘But thanks for hijacking the thread.’

            Oh dear, dear me, Anonymous. I want to thank you for that gem. Rarely have I come across such humour in a morning.
            That one will keep me going all day 🙂

          13. Pathetic
            [quote]This was done simply to correct your assertion that:

            ‘I can tell you that having 10 fighter jets all involved in training at the same time is HIGHLY ununsual. In fact, I’ve only seen it during large scale exercises, certaintly not during routine training … ‘[/quote]

            And as I pointed out, your single anecdote from 24 years ago did not “correct” anything. As I pointed out, your breakfast air show has exactly zero similiarities to what was seen in Texas. So you didn’t try to correct anything. You merely wanted to interject yourself into the conversation. In that regard, mission accomplished.

            [quote]In my experience, this comment is misleading. [/quote]

            That comment was my opinion. Other than the aforementioned irrelevent anacdote, you haven’t done anything to prove anything I’ve said is “misleading”.

            [quote]It was not an attack on USAF.[/quote]

            You made a clear and generalized statement about the Air Force and not being able to trust what they say. Such a broad generality is an an attack on the USAF.

            [quote]You obviously missed aircraft recognition[/quote]

            My speciality required Soviet and Warsaw Pact recognition (see my post to Rick MG). My interest in, and responsibilites, had zero to do with NATO forces. Not everyone in the military is tasked with recognizing NATO aircraft. You SHOULD know that.

            And hijack the thread you did. Tell me, how much time in this thread have you spent talking about the sightings in Texas? That’s what we were talking about until you showed up, not to add to the conversation, but to challenge something I said. And a pathetic challange it was.

          14. Please refrain from insults
            Anonymous please refrain from personal attacks and overt aggressiveness. Anthony posted a very valid point. You may not agree with it, but calling Anthony’s post “pathetic” is not on.

            I don’t agree with Anthony that the Stephenville UFO was just 10 F-16s on training excercises — multiple witnesses describe a flying object a mile long and half a mile wide, that moved up to 3000mph (this blog sums up the official explanation). However, Anthony still has a valid point — aggressive insults and boorish behaviour won’t win you any favours.

            This has been an enlightening and thought-provoking discussion that I hope can continue in a positive and courteous way. It’s obvious you have a lot of experience and knowledge to share, as does Anthony. Agree to disagree, politely, and leave it at that. Thanks.

          15. Escorts
            [quote=Anonymous] I’m leaning towards a scheduled escort of, and/or joint training with, an experimental U.S. aircraft.[/quote]

            I think it is a very good theory. But would that many fighters be necessary? Wouldn’t it be best to escort the experimental aircraft with more… stealthier vessels? I’m thinking of silent choppers, in case the experimental aircraft suffers a malfunction and they need to stay on site to retrieve the pilots or something (like that famous case that ALSO happened in Texas in the 80s, with those women and the little child that saw a diamond-shaped object that glowed and threw fire from the bottom). I do not know the flight capabilities if an F-16, but I do know they are MUCH faster than a chopper, so if they were escorting a prototype of some sort, then such aircraft must also be capable of high speeds; something that I think might exclude a blimp or a lighter-than-air platform as some people have suggested.

            Anon, you know more about these sort of things better than most of us. How much does it cost to deploy one of these F-16s in a routine exercise? If they needed 10 of these birds in the air, it should be for a very good reason, right?

            It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
            It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

            Red Pill Junkie

          16. Good Question
            [quote]But would that many fighters be necessary?[/quote]

            No. Unless it was a highly unusual type of training and/or such a rare experience they wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity. But if it was an escort mission, the number of jets could be an indication of planes from two different squardons: a Nevada squadron passing off escort duties to the Texas squadron for example. Also, if there were more than one experimental aircraft involved, each one may have had it’s own escort compliment.

            But then again, maybe they were scrambled to intercept an alien spacecraft. Or maybe to deal with some American flyboys from England taking their A-10s on a joy ride.

            Who knows. Anything is possible. Even Anthony’s theory. Though I have no idea what that might be. LOL

          17. Intelligence
            You worked in Military Intelligence at Ft Meade, Anonymous. Surely some of your former colleagues and friends can confirm what happened in Texas?

          18. I’d Love That!
            But as I’m sure you’re aware, my security clearance went null and void the second my exit papers were signed. The friends I still keep in contact with are retired and wouldn’t know anything. And even if they did, we are all still bound, legally and ethically, to certain requirements.

          19. C’mon, you know something.
            C’mon, you know something. Divulging it won’t put you in the same basket as Dennis Kucinich. 😉

          20. Dennis
            Good ol’ Dennis. I miss him already.

            I don’t think anything other than maybe an anal probe would put me, or anyone, in Dennis’s “basket”. LOL

          21. Credentials
            How exactly have you been around the USAF, Anonymous? Please list your credentials. Or do you read a lot of Janes? Nothing personal, I’m simply asking because you’re presenting yourself as an expert with absolute certitude.

          22. Nope
            An expert I never claimed to be. In fact, I clearly stated I was giving my opinions. I threw out several scenarios. That being said, I would go so far as to say no one else here has demonstrated any working knowledge of Air Force matters; no one has contridicted my assertions about military tactics and training procedures or other statements with any credibility *; coming after me personally seems to be what’s left.

            * Anthony was in the RAF and apparently has seen some planes flying around while eating breakast a couple of decades ago.

            But since you would rather make it about me, fine. I grew up on USAF bases where my father worked on fighters, from the Vietnam era through the early eighties. He ended his career working on an experimental aircraft for the USAF (under the supervision of the Ratheon Corp), which later entered active service. I spent hours in hangars watching as fighters went through phase and scrambled in alerts when Soviet Bear bombers flew into Alaskan air space. (As a reward for attaingin Eagle Scout, my father and his C.O. assisted me in “piloting” an F-4 around the ramp of Eielson AFB one lazy summer afternoon.) After college, I served 8 years in the US Army as a Russian linguist in Military Intelligence. I served in the Far East, Europe and NSA headquarters at Ft. Meade. I specialized in Soviet and Warsaw Pact Order of Battle, communications systems and a few unmentionable tasks. After active duty Army time I served another 8 years in a similar capacity for the Army Rerserves, where I spent most of my time on Air Force bases such as Vandenberg and Eglin. To this day, I still spend time with my brother when he drills with the Air National Guard, where he a crew chiefs for KC-135 tankers. Which are parked just down the ramp from a squadron of A-10s.

            Feel better?

          23. Clarification
            I’ll answer Anonymous here. First off, I didn’t criticize USAF – are you saying they SHOULD let the public know about their operations?
            USAF has a big presence in Europe, where most Soviet contacts came. Are you saying USAF has no interest in all those jets from the little, friendly countries inbetween? That’s a frightening prospect, and I know it certainly wasn’t true.
            I said there were many routine incidents where a number of jets congregate, giving just one definite example. Others include airfield evacuation scrambles; stacking due to u/s runway; flight formation training.
            Even a simple interception exercise can include two combatants, their wingmen and often an observer. That’s five. A double engagement would increase it to nine. You mention the KC-135. How many jets can congregate for ‘drinkies’ when it’s on station?
            Reasons for anomalous atmospheric phenomena. Reheat from afterburn; fuel venting; flare or chaff discharge.
            Experience: tours of duty on two air defence bases, including fighter squadron support. Veteran of nearly 100 exercises, from AD co-ordination, to ground defence, to command centre duties. Worked and socialised with USAF personnel often during Europe reinforcement exercises. And over twenty years research of all matters military.
            Experience with Anonymous: I have never – ever – attacked you in the first instance (baring one ill-judged post which I removed myself within minutes of posting). Always, I have simply made a valid criticism, offering my opinion to yours. It is then, from your aggressive replies, and inability to take criticism, that any trouble has come.
            I suggest you learn to chill out.

            I’m fanatical about moderation

            Anthony North

          24. Uh huh
            [quote]I have never – ever – attacked you in the first instance[/quote]

            Sure. You stick with that.

        2. Someone, somewhere knows
          There are definitely several, conflicting agendas because there’s a variety of extraterrestrial visiting our planet. Some good, some neutral, and some bad (to our interests). There may be some kind of Galactic Federation (remote viewers have mentioned this) and a Prime Directive ala Star Trek.

          It’s interesting that the UFO scenario really picked up circa WWII, when the USA developed the first atomic bomb. I have no doubts whatsoever that it isn’t a coincidence.

          Does splitting the atom cause some kind of damage to the universe we aren’t aware of? Do one or more of the ET species have a vested interest in humanity, not wanting to see us destroy ourselves in a nuclear holocaus? Or are there good and neutral ETs here to make sure bad ETs don’t get up to mischief?

          I’d love to meet a good ET and ask them myself! I could ask a neutral ET, but I doubt I’d get a straight answer from them. Asking a bad ET is out of the question.

          I’m sure someone, somewhere, knows. But they aren’t telling us. There may be a program of gradual disclosure at the moment, but that is muddied by a program of disinformation, and official authorities and organisations refusing to divulge what they know (NASA’s obfuscation regarding Leslie Kean’s FOIA Kecksburg document lawsuit is proof that we’re not getting the truth, even when the law says we have the right to).

          1. The stuff of the invisible
            I know it may sound off topic but I do not believe it is.

            Science has not been able to harmonize quantum and standard models. Like it has not been able to realize the material-invisible relationship and like man today is wondering if the invisible exist and if aliens exist. Imagine how far we are.

            So, the question is: what does an atomic blast do to the ethers? I know, the concept of ether has been scrapped by science long ago. So then, what does a nuclear blast do to the quantum unierse and to other universes that could support the quantum reality, like quantum reality supports material reality?

            Its just another case of limited consciousness by which we allow ourselves to decree that nuclear is not a problem because our evaluation is limited to material considerations.

            I suggest that there won’t be a global disclosure until the experiment is over. Global disclosure would mean the end of this civilization, period. This civilization has not yet totally fulfilled its function, so it must be allowed to run its course.

            Agenda wise, I would suggest that there are multiple causes for agendas. This means that the origin of individuals’ consciousnesses is not the same.

            Furthermore, that there are intelligences out there that absolutely want to limit man’s access to their own intelligence so that they remain under control.

            And man was made to be free one day, period.

        3. Other possible reasons for visitation
          I still can’t figure out alien visitation. I have some theories. It’s obviously not just for scientific analysis as was put fourth long ago. What seem to be the facts are:

          – Been around at least since man has been around
          – Only intervened when man was very primitive (bible, myths of creation), now only watches and if intervenes, does much to hide the process (abductions usually memory blocked)
          – Abductions today don’t make sense unless they are/have been constantly monitoring our genetics or biology
          – Direct encounters for some reason include bizarre confusing sexual content which could be memory confusion placed there by aliens or something else
          – Other paranormal events seem to surround UFO encounters
          – Sightings before seemed to be localized mostly to individuals and now big motherships are showing up near cities

          Our explanations seem to change with our culture. We used to think it must be scientific gathering because that was what we would have done if we had encountered a planet with life. We were thinking way too small because our perspective was too small. Even what seems like paranormal events to us today may have logical explanations if we had a perspective that included things that we can’t even imagine today. Say if we knew of ESP or psi type events as a normal scientific function or if we scientifically knew of additional dimensional realities which had entry points into our own.

          But one thing I have decided is that by flying their big motherships over habitated areas and by flying one of their smaller ones in the middle of O’Hare airport, they are specifically sending a subtle signal to the people of Earth that they are here. That’s the message. Why else do it? They must know we would see it and they must know it would cause us to stand up and take more notice. Maybe they are just are trying to force the government’s hand to tell us they are here. But either way, it was a SHOW. There is no other reason for it that I can see.

          1. Reasons for visitation
            Lots of facts which by themselves cannot be extrapolated into valid explanations, I agree.

            Personally, I do not believe they do scientific analysis the way we may be thinking of. Science at earthly levels is based on deductions, but from the moment a civilization would have attained a science of what we are still struggling with the very concept of its reality, namely the invisible, the paranormal, all of that stuff, then science must take into consideration these other aspects of energy from the basis of the laws that underpin those realities.

            Since I do not believe that these realities and our sensory perceptions are absolutely divided but do interpenetrate,
            then their science has to be more predictive than deductive.

            I know that human science likes to think that it must be predictive in nature, but the flaw is that those predictions are based on assumptions that the deductions must have been right if the results concord with the predictions, whereas in reality human science is only based on mathematical descriptions that fit observations and that can only be partial as they do not include the cause, which to me is tucked away in the invisible.

            I agree with you, we anthropomorphize what we don’t know and therefore believe that alien scientific basis would be the same as ours, that they must have a psychology as we do, that they come here visit to explore as we would, because they otherwise would not know as we would not, and so on. This anthropomorphizing has been responsible for the concept of god to describe the infinity of the laws of energy and its intelligent organization.

            Our perspective is small indeed.

            So long as our science will be based on theory, we will be short changed scientifically. A theory of everything, as we call it, must include the laws of the invisible, and for that the invisible must be visited. Quantum mechanics and standard mechanics to be united must take into consideration that those sets cannot be united to fit but must be united as a cause and effect system. For that the scientist consciousness must be allowed to deal with those realities directly, because so long as they are not, they will assume that all there is is contained within the limits of what their consciousness can address, so that the laws must conform to their memories.

            So, obviously, the whole anthropomorphizing bit is based with consciousness using its memory as a yardstick and refusing to realize that the impossible is real, while the possible is a limit.

            I say that there is a big experiment happening here, and that has been happening for thousands of years now. And as for any experiment, the experimental conditions must be confined strictly to avoid contamination. Not simple material contamination but mental, psychical, psychological contamination.

            Many races come because on an experimental planet many experiments are done in parallel. This would even explain the anomalous biodiversity.

            Likewise, you can think of an experiment as a cattle range – new genre. Raise them, fortify them genetically, breed them, and when they are optimally developed, as the human race is optimally developed now, reap the fruits of your labor.

            But when the experiment is nearing its end, the isolation must also come to an end, but without damage. And we know how fragile the human mind remains in its current state. Just consider post-trauma syndromes and you get the picture.

          2. Very interesting
            We are definitely constrained by our scientific principles, and most scientists are shockingly constrained by the status quo. You would think that philosophy would somehow have gotten better integrated into science in modern times, but it has been pretty well sandblasted away from science and relegated as an interesting thing to think about sometimes. So as a result, and historically speaking, science misses really big obvious things when scientists even point them out because we would rather keep everything in a nice neat scientific box where we can comprehend it, than use all this crazy mumbo jumbo philosophic concepts that could make things confusing again…and possibly solve the puzzle exactly. I wonder why we do that. I guess it’s because in the wild, when chasing deer or buffalo, we needed quick answers right away, not really long drawn out thoughts about the concept of deer hunting.

            I totally agree that a grand experiment would definitely explain everything that I can think of that has happened over the years and that is referenced in history books. The strange behaviors that we’ve perceived of these aliens could easily be stimulus to either move us in a direction or to see what direction we might move in as a result. If it is an experiment, then who knows what the future might bring. This might not be the end of the experiment, only a shift in phases because we’ve achieved a certain level of intelligence.

            It could also be that they really do believe the thing to do is propagate intelligent creatures across the universe and we are just an example of one of their “gardens”. That situation also fits nicely into the limited facts we have. In that case, we would almost be their children, well hopefully at least like a litter of puppies to what would have to be a much greater intelligence than our own. We’d better start looking cute. 🙂

            And finally there is the possibility that the Gnostic concepts are actually accurate and what we think are extraterrestrials are actually creatures that have been with our solar system since it began and not human, and don’t hold us with much regard. If that’s the case, then based on the writings (well some of them), their expertise is deception and boy wouldn’t it be just the right ruse at the right time.

          3. Just a few points I would make
            Interesting comments RonB.

            Just a few points though.

            I do not believe that people are intelligent the ways we imagine it but rather say that they have access to intelligence.

            Saying this, if these space puppies refrain from contact, because of experimental conditions, we can say that the planet is under quarrantine.

            Unfortunately, we may anthropomorphize the concept of quarrantine as much as any other concept and believe that this only apply to the material barrier of space and time.

            We should also consider that the mind, from the invisible, is quarrantine to control the intelligence to which people have access so that they develop an individual reality with time while cut off from their own intelligence.

            So, if these ‘visitors’ are not cut off as we are, then they have access to intelligence, information, archives, access to which is refused and prevented to us.

            This would explain why science and scientists seem to stick to old guns, but admittedly until enough evidence tips the balance, and why people in general are so keen on sticking to ideology.

            I don’t want to go to far in this here now, but at least I would want people to consider that we are not less intelligent than those being but are being manipulated into ignorance.

            There is a definite distinction to be made between intelligence and ignorance, especially the ignorance of the true nature of the mind that may allow such manipulations to be done while the thinker believes he is the one thinking.

            But I disgress a bit, but not that much.

      2. Another reason for visitation…
        Maybe to them Earth is nothing more than an inter-dimensional pumping station 😉

        Or *gulp* a drive thru 8-(

        It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
        It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

        Red Pill Junkie

        1. not so funny…..
          if you look at the statistics of people who disappear without a trace, you would consider your drive thru……
          in western countries it is extremely difficult to just disappear, yet thousands do every year.

          “Life can be whatever you want it to be, as long as you do what your told.”

          1. I was partly being serious.
            I sometimes think that UFOs (at least some) are seen by people when they are in the middle of crossing thorugh different “gateways” or passages between parallel universes.

            Some ufologists like Aimè Michel found through the use of computerized registers that UFOs (in the cases reported by multiple separate witnesses) travel in straight lines, and many of these lines match with ancient pagan sacred grounds that later were covered by christian churches. This happens in Mexico too as Pedro Ferriz and Christian Siruguet found that UFOs fly over ancient precolombine sites, and also found many sites that belonged to different cultures that were apart not only in distance but also were not contemporary chronologically, nevertheless were aligned through the entire Mexican Republic.

            We know the ancients throughout the world built their sacred sites where there’s a strong teluric & magnetic activity, and there are countless reports of people reporting strange things happening near these sites. So maybe UFOs make use of lines where the Earth’s energy flow is stronger (“the lines of the dragon” I think the chinese called them) either to recharge themselves, or to help them pass through different levels of reality.

            I don’t know. Maybe I ended up to inffluenced by the reading of Strieber’s 2012 🙂

            And as far as the drive thru is concerned, well… it is a possibility that we cannot discard. We can’t forget all the reports of Brazil from the 60s-70s of people attacked by UFOs that created a wave of hysteria throughout the entire state of Minas Gerais (the place where the famous “Varginha” case occurred in the 90s)

            It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
            It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

            Red Pill Junkie

          2. Projections
            Some are just projections to confuse and to test the ability to sustain the shock.

            Its not always what meets the eyes.

          3. I agree
            One thing is what it is captured by the witnesses’ senses, and other what they perceive/interpret based on their cultural/educational baggage. The shape of the multi-colored UFO and the gray dark-eyed aliens may be nothing more than the latest social attempt to give a description to something that may never be fully understood by human minds.

            It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
            It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

            Red Pill Junkie

          4. Spielberg
            Mmmm, yes, CEIII was probably the first time the image of the contemporary gray (or at least a very cloe approximation) was shown in a mainstream media. Although there seemed to be several B-movies and sci-fy episodes who go pretty close to a gray before that in the 50s-60s I think.

            But Spielberg consulted with Jacques Vallee, who I suppose based Steve-o’s direction to the aliens’ look on the reports he studied.

            I agree with Greg Bishop that the early CEIII reports were much more interesting (and fun), with people describing all sorts of fantastic beings.

            It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
            It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

            Red Pill Junkie

      3. Evacuation Ships?
        The latest sighting (I forgot the name of the witness) of a massive ship in Dublin, Texas, looks more like an evacuation ship, not a mother ship. What with the human-size port holes at the bottom of the ship? They seem perfectly designed for quick entry by a lot of people over a huge area. Maybe the Christians are right about some sort of rapture taking place right before things start to get nasty on earth.

        I have the feeling that we are being desensitized with numerous visitations and the many conflicting reports by witnesses. The goal is to generate the least amount of public concern when the actual evacuation takes place. Just a thought.

  2. F-16’s
    Has any one ever heard 1 or 2 F-16’s let alone 10, especially at low altitudes? Loud would be an understatement. Some witnesses plainly state that they saw the fighter jets as well as the UFO’s, but apparently they were all hallucinating or saw swamp gas again. Nice.

  3. New Cold War?
    It’s interesting that some of the biggest UFO flaps occurred at the height of the Cold War in the 1950s, 1960s and 1980s. Russia has been flexing its muscles in recent years, and is making a bid to return to its former Superpower status. Russia has claimed a third of the Arctic, criticised the US over its handling of Iraq and Iran, and just recently successfully tested a supersonic cruise missile.

    Do the recent UFO sightings, from O’Hare to Stephenville, suggest extraterrestrials are concerned history is about to repeat itself?

  4. It wasn’t a training excercise — the Bush Ranch
    Has anyone looked at a map of Texas? Stephenville is VERY close to the restricted airspace over Dubya’s ranch. UFO researcher Don Ledger provides a map and more details on Frank Warren’s blog. Stephenville is just minutes away from the 20-mile restricted airspace.

    The F-16s were not training. They were scrambled to protect the President’s ranch. Or were they escorting the UFO?

    Yet no one in the media mentioned Stephenville being right next to the restricted airspace over Dubya’s ranch. Not Larry King, not MSNBC, NO ONE. Not even Anonymous, with his lifetime of military experience, picked up on it.

    1. There’s a reason
      >>Has anyone looked at a map of Texas?


      There’s a good reason why no one picked-up on that Rick. Observers said the craft traveled west. Crawford is 65-miles to the southeast of Stevenville.



      Popular opinion is the greatest lie in the world.
      Thomas Carlyle

      1. Go west
        I don’t see why the object traveling west invalidates the restricted airspace theory. Stephenville is northwest of the ranch, and is only 16 miles from the restricted airspace. That’s not very far at Mach 1. 😉

        1. Wait’ll Icke sees this
          >>I don’t see why the object traveling west invalidates the restricted airspace theory. Stephenville is northwest of the ranch, and is only 16 miles from the restricted airspace. That’s not very far at Mach 1. 😉

          I can hardly wait until David Icke runs across this info on how close the UFOs were to Bush’s ranch. He’ll no doubt treat us to his theory that one entrance to the Reptilians’ underground lair is at Bush’s ranch. And he’ll say it’s obvious that the UFOs came out of that entrance. 😉


          1. Winner
            Excellect comment, Kat.



            Popular opinion is the greatest lie in the world.
            Thomas Carlyle

          2. Query
            Is that a genuine comment Bill?

            Kind regards,
            You monkeys only think you’re running things

          3. Genuine
            Yes, David Icke is near the top of my silly-people list.



            Popular opinion is the greatest lie in the world.
            Thomas Carlyle

        2. direction and distance
          [quote=Rick MG]I don’t see why the object traveling west invalidates the restricted airspace theory. Stephenville is northwest of the ranch …[/quote]

          If the object of interest (OI) is northwest of Crawford ranch and moving west, the OI is moving away from the Crawford ranch, not closing on it. It is not in violation of the restricted airspace; the direction of travel indicates that it will not violate the restricted airspace.

          [quote=Rick MG]Stephenville is northwest of the ranch, and is only 16 miles from the restricted airspace. That’s not very far at Mach 1. ;-)[/quote]

          The distance, 16-miles, is not a function of velocity. The time required to get from point A to B is a function of velocity, but it is just as “far” at 600-mph as it is at 10-mph. ;>)



          Popular opinion is the greatest lie in the world.
          Thomas Carlyle

          1. Distance VS unknown
            Hi Bill,

            If really there was a mile sized craft of unknown origin operating within US airspace, with unknown agenda and final destination, and only a few miles away from the president’s residence, and that the craft had been spotted, would there not be a reaction from the air force?

            Lots of ‘ifs’, I know. But since this is all speculation, look back at what happened with NORAD on 9-11.

          2. Wheels-up conditions
            Hi Richard,

            Absolutely, but IMO your supposition can be reduced by several “ifs”.

            If there was a mile-sized craft of unknown origin detected within US airspace there would be a response from the USAF. Additional conditions such as the proximity to the president’s home or the distance to restricted airspace are not required.



            Popular opinion is the greatest lie in the world.
            Thomas Carlyle

          3. Jargon
            It’s just jargon, Richard, used by the USAF and US Navy Aviation. I apoligize for using it; a force of habit.



            Popular opinion is the greatest lie in the world.
            Thomas Carlyle

          4. Bill is WRONG
            Witness Steve Allen stated the UFO made its initial approach from the southeast. This has been stated by other witnesses.

            You’re wrong, Bill.

          5. Basic STUFF
            [quote=Rick MG]Witness Steve Allen stated the UFO made its initial approach from the southeast.[/quote]

            Try this, Rick. Get a blank piece of paper out. Put a small “X” in the center of the paper. That “X” can be witness Steve Allen. Now label the top of the paper North, the bottom South, the left-side West, and the right-side East, just like a map.

            Now, the lower, right-hand corner represents the Southeast. Draw a small saucer there to represent our UFO because Steve Allen said that the UFO approached from the Southeast, according to you.

            Now, draw a short (2″ or so) line from the UFO in the Southeast corner toward the “X” in the center of the page. Now, and this is important, put an arrowhead indicating direction on this line on the end closest to the “X” because, according to you, Steve Allen said that the UFO approached from the Southeast.

            Quiz-Time: Which direction is the arrowed-line pointing?

            Answer: Northwest

            Stephenville is Northwest of the ranch. As an observer in Stephenville sees an object approaching from the southeast, the object must be moving northwest. That makes the UFO moving away from the ranch.

            Not exactly rocket-science.



            Popular opinion is the greatest lie in the world.
            Thomas Carlyle

          6. Open your eyes
            Stephenville is northwest of the ranch. As an observer in Stephenville sees an object approaching from the southeast, the object must be moving northwest. That makes the UFO moving away from the ranch.

            Not exactly rocket-science.

            What the hell are you talking about, Bill? You just proved my point, that the UFO was escorted or chased out of the restricted airspace. Open your eyes and take a look at this map. See how the restricted airspace is 16 miles SOUTHEAST of Stephenville? Which is the area the UFO approached from.

            It’s not exactly rocket-science, Bill.

          7. Moving away
            I think we agree that the object was not moving in the direction of the ranch. That was my point. Were there any reports from Crawford to confirm your thesis that the object came from restricted airspace? Can you link to any reports that show that restricted airspace was violated?

            As I stated elsewhere, it really doesn’t matter if a UFO violated restricted airspace or not. The USAF would respond to any large UFO in US airspace. That’s why no one picked-up on story you linked.

            This seems to be very important to you. Now that we agree that the object was moving away from the ranch, do you suppose the craft originated at the ranch or it was just passing through? If it was passing through, why didn’t anyone else see it? Why is this impoprtant?



            Popular opinion is the greatest lie in the world.
            Thomas Carlyle

          8. Basic stuff
            [quote=Bill]do you suppose the craft originated at the ranch or it was just passing through? If it was passing through, why didn’t anyone else see it? Why is this impoprtant?[/quote]

            You’ll have to ask the occupants of the UFO and the USAF to get an answer to that question, Bill. 😉

            No one knows if the UFO went anywhere near the ranch, but witnesses such as Steve Allen have stated on camera that they saw the UFO approach from the southeast before it turned west over Stephenville.

            It’s important because it sheds light on why F-16s were in the area and were seen to be chasing/escorting the UFO. The restricted fly zone provides context.

            Witnesses claim the UFO was traveling at speeds up to 3000mph and that it came from the southeast. Simple maths, “basic stuff” as you said, suggests that it would have breached the restricted airspace which is just 16 miles southeast of Stephenville.

            And for someone who’s always going on about the importance of National Security, you seem unusually disinterested in a UFO breaching a very sensitive No-Fly zone. 😉

    2. Close
      While it’s in the same region, I don’t think the sightings were really all that close to the ranch. And the Prez wasn’t there anyway. I don’t see any definitive connection, but it’s a good sidebar. Thanks!

      1. Join the dots
        We’re not talking about the ranch, Anonymous, but the restricted airspace that surrounds the ranch in a 20 mile radius. Stephenville is just 16 miles northwest of the restricted airspace. Witnesses saw the UFO approach from the southeast (the restricted airspace), then turn west. No one has said the UFO went to the ranch — all it had to do was briefly brush the restricted airspace, and fighter jets would have been scrambled to investigate the breach. Being ex-USAF, you should know how sensitive the military is to breaches of no-fly zones.

        1. well Rick
          I get what your saying and I think it is important.
          Seems “mind control” may be a bit more prolific then we think……..I’ll take my tongue out of my cheek now.

          About mind control, not what Rick is saying.

          “Life can be whatever you want it to be, as long as you do what your told.”

  5. Visual Deceptions
    A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of visiting with a couple of FSOs who were in on the SR-71 program from the beginning. They had a great story of how one of them took the first chance on the potentially very dangerous act of dumping fuel in flight. With the high temperatures of the skin as well as the exhaust there was a good chance they would ignite the vapor.

    Anyway, the bird was on a coast-to-coast round trip which was often done on training flights. They were over Montana at about 80,000 ft. when they pulled the dump valve. After reaching the east coast and turning around and heading back (the scale of this boggles the mind!), they ran across their fuel vapor trail which looked like a miles long cigar-shaped mother ship. Without any significant wind at those altitudes, the couple of hours they were gone had left a perfect geometric shape. Not only that, but at 80K the sun was long set on the ground and still shining on the cloudship.

    Now, I am not in any way suggesting this is what has been seen in Texas, just that our expectation filters are almost always narrower than what is going on out there.

    Xavier Onassis

    1. Interpretations
      Of course, when something is seen that is not recognized, the mind will automatically seek to store it within the known.

      That is how human beings are so intent on anthropomorphizing.

    2. I do agree, and that’s why this case is really good
      I generally feel that a sighting of stationary or slowly moving objects isn’t as convincing as something that moves at speeds and angles that would be impossible for our technology. It’s way too easy for something to be floating in the air and look very strange but be something conventional. Mexico has many sighting that turn out to be balloons. Yes, they look very strange in the sky.

      That’s why the Texas sighting is very good, because the object first was viewed at a relatively close distance while it moved slowly and then shot off at a great speed. That is, in my opinion, something that is very hard to explain away. Something floating in the wind is out of the question.

      1. Slow to impossibly fast
        A vehicle that size acquiring such a velocity in an instant would create disturbances in the atmosphere as well as generate a sonic boom.

        It is already interesting to note that they are most always reported as noiseless, but people must have been wondering also about the absence of wind or boom, (unless indeed those got reported but I don’t remember).

        So, an astral projection could not generally be excluded, especially when no radar detection can be achieved, but in this case, you got fighters around the place but still no wind or boom.

        Just wondering out loud.

        1. Lack of sonic boom
          It has been theorized that these crafts (whether of earthly origin or not) are capable of creating an “envelope” of ionized air around them that nullifies the atmospheric drag and permits them to reach staggering velocities. That ionized air would also explain the difference in glow of the objects as they change speeds.

          I don’t know if the ionized air would prevent the UFO from creating a sonic boom though.
          It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
          It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

          Red Pill Junkie

          1. Our science is just at its beginning
            Imagine this Red:
            Certain civilizations use space itself to contain a form they create.

            This means that a ship, if we can call it that, uses a parallel handle to space and is therefore somewhat outside of our grasp of space-time.

          2. I’m trying to picture it
            But I don’t think I’m smart enough 🙁

            Of course, my previous answer about sonic booms and ionized air was from a pretty “nuts & bolts” standard approach to UFOs; trying to understand these objects as feasable engineering solutions; but of course here at TDG we do not cowe from much more complex (and interesting) alternatives to UFO explanations.

            Maybe we should all remember Edwin A. Abbott’ novella Flatland. As we have discussed it before, we may see a UFO and “perceive” it as a disc-shaped or triangular-shaped object, but that does not necessarily mean that is the final shape of the UFO. It may be merely a 3rd-dimensional “projection” of a multi-dimensional entity.

            It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
            It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

            Red Pill Junkie

          3. Not smart enough?
            I don’t think so.

            Humans are no smarter than they were 12000 years ago, yet their science and material progress has been impressive. Just imagine what science has achieved in the last 50 years, imagine now what will have been achieved in a thousand years, in 2000 years, and so on.

            Space is a fabric and with the adequate science can be used not just as a medium to travel but as a fabric to contain.

            Stars, planets, objects in space, are contained by space. This allows the maintenance of organized forms.

            Space is more than just a mathematical concept.

            And yes, of course, UFOs can be anything else than what we are made to see, especially than what we are geared to interpret.

          4. space as a medium to contain info
            That idea reminds me of a myth that has been around for several years, about a catholic italian priest called Father Marcello Pellegrino Ernetti, who (supposedly) invented a device called the chronovisor. This man was a very intelligent cathedratic with a large number of interests (he was regarded as an authority in Gregorian chants, among many other things); and as the story goes, he discovered that past events were “recorded” by Space itself, so by creating a device that could scan multiple frequencies simultaneously, his “chronovisor” could “project” different historical episodes (among other things, he claimed to have obtained a photograph of Christ at the cross, a picture that has been considered by many as a hoax).

            Many of these claims are highly dubious, since Ernetti claimed he received help from many famous persons such as Werner Von Braun and Enrico Fermi. But what’s most interesting about all this tale, is that apparently the soviet spy services did take the existence of the chronovisor seriously (at least for a while).

            I know I’m digressing from our current topic of UFOs, but we might also remember UFOs have been used as a disinfo weapon between the different Super Powers’ Intelligence Agencies… Speaking of which, have you guys read about the US spy satellite that’s about to crash to Earth? Could it be that the government wants us to look for UFOs instead of searching for “space junk”?

            It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
            It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

            Red Pill Junkie

          5. Not so much a diversion
            I feel that looking at things from angles that usually would be pushed aside with no further real investigative mind process opens the mind to possibilities outside of what is taken for granted.

            To me, it is less important that speculations be wrong if they are inquisitive and that beliefs don’t get involved because it lessens the weight of what is already believed to be most likely, because it conforms to the limits of the human experience extrapolated.

            So, space recording experience is interesting a concept, but then space would have to be defined as a manifestation of a sub-plane of space, like matter is the manifestation of sub-planes of matter.

            This is where I said before that the invisible does not exist because it is already imbedded within the manifestation that serves as support for this experience. It is only invisible because the senses used to gather experience are limited in their ability to perceive facets of reality that goes beyond their own programmed limits.

            So, going back to aliens, just imagine that they do not suffer this limitation. Would not their science have been brought to take those aspects of reality to which they would naturally have access?

            And would not such a science, when its manifestations are brought to human awareness appear as magical or paranormal, which of course, in reality they would not be.

            From that point of view, what is viewed as magic and paranormal, also are aspects of a reality that lies behind a veil, otherwise we would not call those aspects magical or paranormal, but they would be included in a class of science as today we classify atoms and molecules all the while being aware that without atoms, there is no molecule.

            As for governments and their agendas, lets not forget that governments also are of human origins and can also be manipulated, as they are unconsciously, to manipulate.

          6. I like that
            I agree that “paranormal” is merely a philosophical construct, a crotch to help us cope with our own ignorance.

            There has been tremendous advances in genetics and biology in the last 15 years; but what I would like yo see is the beginning of research on such “forbidden” topics as the reality of the soul.

            Some people (like Whitley Strieber for example) think that the soul has some sort of electro-magnetic essence, that it is a form of “intelligent plasma”, and mainstream science has proven that plasma has all the qualities necessary to contain vast amounts of info like the DNA molecule (as someone in today’s news posted).

            The XXIst century should see the dawning of the science of the soul.

            It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
            It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

            Red Pill Junkie

          7. The soul
            Yes, a principle that electrifies the cellular and that at the same time is a vast memory of the experience, since matter was invested with the evolutionary movement of energy.

            That is a lot of experience and this movement brought the complexification of cellular and organism organization to allow an ever increasing penetration of intelligence, which I liken to energy rather than the form the energy takes when manifesting what we perceive as intelligence.

            But we are not just the soul, but we are much impressed with its pulsations felt through our nervous system. We are more that intelligence, that energy, that is captive of a dreamlike state because of the powerful influence of soul activity within an animal body and that acts as an interface between the fundamental energy principles and matter, unfortunately forcing the energy, what you could call the spirit, to reflect upon the energy of the soul, which is mainly memory, instead of tracing its way back to its origin, and reflect upon its reality.

            This reflection upon memory has brought us to those philosophical constructs.

            Aliens don’t have that problem, so long as they have not invested an animal nature but a chemically controlled material form that does not suffer from the powerful animal pulsations that create the impression of being issued from this animal nature and therefore deduct that they are from matter.

            This is a real problem, because this makes us act as intelligent animals instead of being cosmic beings with an animal counterpart.

            Not having this problem, some other intelligences that benefited from thousands of years of advancement and who may not have the spiritual susceptibilities like we do, may not recognize the authority of an intelligent animal, and man must be in position to assess his authority as a cosmic being to counter activities that could go against his own evolution.

            Aliens may be very much more advanced technologically. It does not mean that they are more advanced within their universal status.

            There is something very important going on down here that has them preoccupied. Power is never given freely from someone who already holds it. Lies and disinformation come from this matter of fact.

      2. Yes… and no
        [quote=RonB] Mexico has many sighting that turn out to be balloons. [/quote]

        Yes, there were many cases of people releasing metallic balloons (in the 90s). But there are also a lot of cases that remain unexplained, such as the famous Arreguín video taken the day of the eclipse in 1991. Presumably the notoriety of this video was what triggered all the other subsequent hoaxes.
        It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
        It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

        Red Pill Junkie

        1. Very true
          I’m definitely not casting doubt on all Mexico sightings, I shouldn’t single those out. The videos during the eclipse were pretty amazing in my opinion.

          It’s just that any floating object in the sky that doesn’t show movement other than something that could be generated by wind causes me to be much more sceptical because there are more explanations of what it could be.

          1. Alas
            [quote=RonB]It’s just that any floating object in the sky that doesn’t show movement other than something that could be generated by wind causes me to be much more sceptical because there are more explanations of what it could be.[/quote]

            I certainly share your frustration in that regard. Alas, it seems that those static UFOs videos are the only ones we will ever gather; since if a witness were to experience a CEI encounter with a rapid-moving object, would the witness have the time or enough self-control to fetch for a video camera?

            That’s why it was so easy to dismiss those visually stunning “Haitian UFOs” videos of last year as hoaxes 🙂

            Probably the only videos of objects that move in ways that rule out a natural origin are the famous Space Shuttle videos; but even those are not recognized by mainstream media as enough proof. In that sense videos will never be proof of the reality of UFOs in this day an age, science will always demand a more tangible evidence.
            It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
            It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

            Red Pill Junkie

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