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I’ve always wondered about the James Randi “Million Dollar” prize for his paranormal challenge – rumours have flown that there is no million dollars, while others say it’s there in cash waiting. Welp, in his latest newsletter Randi has given evidence for the prize, via a PDF image taken from the prize account’s financial statement. Unfortunately, I don’t really have the accounting knowledge to understand some of the terminology: I understand the $4K in cash, and can take a guess at the $52K in cash equivalents. But can anyone fill me in on what the $1 million in “Investment Grade Fixed Income” means? It certainly seems that this is ‘actual’ money of some sort, considering the $4K in interest earned during December. But I’d appreciate clarification.

By the way: stand by for more information about the actual challenge part…I’ve found out some interesting things and will be posting an article soon about it all.