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Cross-posting from The Cryptex, my Dan Brown blog: The WSJ has some promising news about The Solomon Key from Doubleday’s Stephen Rubin:

Now, the publisher is hinting that a manuscript is close. “Dan Brown has a very specific release date for the publication of his new book, and when the book is published, his readers will see why,” says Stephen Rubin, president of Bertelsmann’s Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group, whose Doubleday imprint publishes Mr. Brown. Mr. Rubin declined further comment.

Rubin seems to be hinting at a specific reason behind the publication date. Is it likely to be a day of importance in American history or politics? July 4th, the start of the election campaign…what do you think?

Of course, for a sneak peek at the likely topics, you can check out my book The Guide to Dan Brown’s The Solomon Key (Amazon US and Amazon UK). C’mon, did you think I wouldn’t plug the book? I do have to pay the bills y’know…