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Over the past few years, magazines on UFOs and the paranormal have slowly been disappearing…most likely due to the rise of the Internet as an information source. However, there’s nothing like holding a good old magazine in your hands and having a fun read (or a book, in the case of Darklore…yes, I’ll get a plug in any way I can). However, there is a new magazine about to be released which might be worth a look – Alien Worlds:

Alien Worlds is a brand new magazine coming to newsstands very soon. Issue 1 will appear on UK retail sale on February 8th. 2008. It will also be on sale internationally and can be purchased by subscription as well.

Alien Worlds is different to previous magazines of the genre. We are not solely focussed on UFOs or on SETI or astrobiology. We are interested in the entire concept of extraterrestrial life and the origins of life here on Earth. That gives us a very broad remit to look a lot of very interesting areas.

Alien Worlds is the brainchild of Stuart Miller, who has been publishing the online ‘zine UFO Review for the past few years. The website has a number of free articles on it already – likely to be a decent read, so make sure you take a look.