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Yeti Hijinks

Last weekend, various news agencies reported that a Sci-Fi Channel crew (from Destination Truth) were claiming to have found a Yeti footprint:

“It is very, very similar,” Josh Gates, an archaeologist who serves as the host of the weekly travel adventure series, told Reuters in Katmandu after returning from the mountain. “I don’t believe it to be a bear. It is something of a mystery for us.”

…Gates said the footprints on lumps of sandy soil, which would be sent to experts in the United States for analysis, were “relatively fresh, left some 24 hours before we found them.”

“This print is so pristine, so good, that I am very intrigued by this,” said Gates, flanked by his team members.

Josh Gates also sent an update to Loren Coleman exclusively for Cryptomundo readers, in which he provided more detail about the finds and his own thoughts about it all. And Loren’s co-author on The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates, Patrick Huyghe (our good friend from The Anomalist), appeared on Fox News Channel and spoke intelligently about the news, and the topic in general.

You know it never takes too long for the ‘skeptics’ to turn up, and CSI(COP)’s Benjamin Radford was soon debunking the whole affair in his column on LiveScience. Radford’s comments didn’t impress Loren Coleman though, who – while having his own questions about the new find – was extremely critical of the poor arguments put forward by the cryptozoology skeptic. The saga continues, so stay tuned…