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Another nifty movie project in the making: Man Conquers Space. The movie presents an alternative view of how space history may have panned out, based on the predictions of scientists in the 1950s:

In March 1952, Colliers Magazine began a series of articles by a team of 23 contributors, headed by the German-American rocket scientist Wernher von Braun. The team of experts, scientists and space-advocates used the magazine to vividly illustrate their dramatic vision of the near future, and how humans could exploit the seemingly endless possibilities found in space.

…History was to eventually run a different course, with Yuri Gagarin of the Soviet Union (now Russia) becoming the first human to voyage into space in 1961. In 1969 Neil Armstrong of the United States became the first human to set foot on the Moon. Since then, manned space exploration has concentrated on Earth-orbital activities, and no-one has yet set foot on the planet Mars.

In the Colliers articles, from the perspective of the early 1950s, the vision of the future was considerably different…

This film is based on an alternative timeline to the Mercury-Gemini-Apollo era of reality – it is based on the premise that all that had been proposed in the early 1950’s in Colliers actually came to pass – and sooner than they expected.

The website currently has a trailer, as well as stills and music from the film. Check it out!