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The latest issue of Fortean Times (#231) is out, and anybody interested in the life and times of Aleister Crowley should enjoy this one. In the new issue:

  • “The Life & Times of Aleister Crowley” by Phil Baker.
  • “Crowley Lives!”, by Dr Dave Evans, which analyses his impact on modern culture.
  • “Crowley & The Spooks”, by Richard McNeff.
  • “The Tregerthen Horror” by Paul Newman.
  • “Who let the greys in?” by Alan Chapman (on supposed parallels between LAM and ‘grey’ aliens).
  • “The Wickedest Man in the World” by Gary Lachman.
  • “Magick Potions” by Ian Simmons.
  • “The Last Ritual” by Tim Weinberg, which looks at Crowley’s death and funeral.

Lots more besides – further details at the Fortean Times website (and some interesting discussion of the contents of the new issue at Cabinet of Wonders too).