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British MoD Like Their Remote Viewing

Remote viewer Daz has posted a very interesting update on his Cosmic Spoon blog. Seems the British Ministry of Defence had more than a passing interest in remote viewing (as reported earlier this year):

As part of my research about Remote viewing I have been looking into the UK MOD and British Military Intel, especially in the time period below of which there is a reference in the US CIA FOIA documentation release where a member of the STARGATE remote viewing unit met and brief officers from DI55 – the alleged UFO/Strange department of UK military intelligence.

To do this I have been using the UK FOIA to try to release some of this information. A recent reply to one of these requests is enclosed and details branches of Defence Intelligence have a 1000 page document on remote viewing and PSI activities.

1000 pages is no small collection. Full details at Cosmic Spoon.

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