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Okay, that’s me – I’m out for a week or so taking a break from this madhouse! I’d like to wish all and sundry the very best festive season, and all the best for 2008. Thanks for all your support over the past year(s)! As a heads-up, I’d like to point out that Graham Hancock is graciously hosting me as ‘Author of the Month’ on his website next month (January), discussing Darklore and any other topics that come up (TDG, Darklore’s new publishing model, my essay on sounds of altered states, The Guide to the Solomon Key etc). So take a look at my essay (if you haven’t already), and let’s discuss some serious weirdness come January!

Finally, a Christmas gift from me to you. The music video for TOOL’s ‘Vicarious’ (from the album 10,000 Days) has been released, and is a real feast for the eyes (and, obviously, the ears) – both guitarist Adam Jones and artist Alex Grey worked on the clip. I’ve posted it here on TDG, but to enjoy it properly you just have to see it full-screen on your TV via the DVD release (Amazon US and UK). Very, very DMT experience in my opinion…well played sirs!!

Lastly, I do have to remind anyone that hasn’t purchased our anthology Darklore, that if you want to give back to TDG in any way, you can’t do better than buying a copy of the book. As I’ve mentioned previously, proceeds from the $13.95 price go to not only TDG’s kitty, but also to all the various writers who write for free on their blogs all year – the Nick Redferns, Michael Prescotts etc. Please give back to the community by supporting Darklore. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!