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Other things to attend to today, so forgive the brevity of the news. The quality makes up for the quantity.

  • See, all you need is a good catchphrase to make it big. Hollywood chases ‘Surfer Dude‘ and his Theory of Everything. From now on, call me Ugly Bastard, and my Website of Wackiness. Hmm, that might not work so well.
  • November 22nd, 1963: A magic bullet, a grassy knoll, an enduring mystery.
  • Shirley Maclaine talks UFOs with Bill O’Reilly. BillO breaks into a cold sweat whenever anyone mentions aliens and America in the same sentence…
  • Paul Kimball of Redstar Films announces his next UFO documentary project.
  • Son of Rosetta: what was the object trailing the Rosetta spacecraft as it swung by the Earth? Shhh, nobody let Courtney Brown know about this.
  • The untold story of the Apollo Moon disc.
  • We will, we will, teach you. Queen guitarist Brian May becomes a University Chancellor. University of Hobbiton, judging by the photograph.
  • Harvard physicist plays magician with the speed of light.
  • Inside the home of legendary magician Teller. He plays magician *at* the speed of light.
  • Long Man of Wilmington gets a sex change. The Cerne Abbas giant may have been a bit more of a challenge…
  • Ancient Egypt’s fantastic and weird history.
  • Digging Biblical history, at the designated apocalyptic battleground.
  • Brazilian psychic (mentioned in yesterday’s news) may be on the right track, with minor earthquake shaking Indonesia.

Thanks Kat and Rick.

Quote of the Day:

Those who have the fullest acquaintance with the phenomena admit that in good mediums there is a residuum of knowledge displayed that can only be called supernormal; the medium taps some source of information not open to ordinary people.

William James