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News Briefs 01-11-2007

Roswell, Presidential candidates, and LSD. Sounds like a fun night out in anyone’s books…

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

I didn’t go looking for LSD, it came looking for me; it decided to ring my doorbell, to make its presence known… the world needs it now more than ever.

Albert Hofmann

  1. 100 living geniuses… WTF???
    It’s a little disturbing to find on that list that Matt Groening is #4, being above Nelson Mandela (#5) and Stephen Hawking (#7). I mean, I’m a rabid fan of The Simpsons, but I do not consider them as important as trying to solve the nature of Black Holes!

    I’m sure that when he received the news, Groening went “Whooohooo!”, and Hawking’s synthetic voice emitter went “D’ouh!” 8-(

    It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
    It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

    Red Pill Junkie

  2. fractals and pollock(s)
    I am not a great fan of many mordern works of art, and Pollock is one of my least favourites. Sure, we could all pour, splash, drop, drizzle paint on to a canvas and amuse ourselves whilst doing so. But is is art?

    If a 6 year child can produce the same end result, then for me the answer is no.

    So, I don’t care about fractals and Pollock; it is all a load of *ollocks as far as I’m concerned.


  3. about possession
    we all know.. how that can be assumed by some.. how soon we forget Salem eh?

    Apparently…people are assumed not to have a brain. ( I fear some may be correct.)I would think that to make sure the person who is ‘possessed’ isn’t suffering from some mental problem is kind of important.. no? oops.. it was a brain tumor…yikes!

    I believe in psychic phenomenon…but that doesn’t mean we should jump right in and declare something paranormal.

    When it comes to these ghost hunter groups, it should be buyer beware.. maybe a disclaimer.. for entertainment purposes only?




    1. Paranormal
      Hi Marissa,
      You’re assuming that the paranormal and mental states are not related. To me, a mental state (I don’t necessarily mean mental illness here) is part of a ‘personal’ appreciation of mind, with ‘paranormal’ arising through extending the mind process to the communal. But essentially, the two are inter-related.

      I’m certain of only one thing. Nothing is certain

      Anthony North

      1. there may be
        some instances where a psychic person is affected by their gift that it overcomes them emotionally. My mother worked with psychotics at a hospital and every once in a while someone would come in who ‘saw’ things. She once whispered to me,”She isn’t mental, she’s psychic.” That does not mean that most of the people being treated were psychic. On the contrary, most of them were absolutely bonkers.

        Unfortunately, those who treat mental illness are not allowed for the most part to even believe or acknowledge a spirit, or soul. All psychic visions would and are treated as hallucinations. BUT…there are people who ARE mentally ill. It would take the family near them to really figure out which it is initially I guess. I know…you are thinking the family isn’t qualified etc etc. For most intents and purposes that is true. Yet…I think they would have a better handle on that persons general mental status than some Dr they go to who doesn’t know them.

        I guess it all comes down to looking at things intelligently, finding corroboration, and pondering the possible answers.

        Until the medical profession starts looking at a human being as more than a machine, we are stuck with the vagueness we deal with at this time.

        I find as per ‘mental states’, that if I am stressed, I am less likely to be ‘aware’.



        1. Psychic VS mental
          I am with Anthony on this Marissa.

          All mental states are psychic states. You don’t have to allucinate to be one either, from the moment you have mental activity, you are already connected to psychic universes to which we have given various names.

          Bonkers are in that state because of the way their brain is connected and invaded by forces that create a strong dissociation between their self and the perceived thought that is being used in an objective form (the ‘you’) whereas the average joe lives a strong association and the perceived thought is being used in a subjective form (the ‘I’).

          Every human being is a controlled psychic state and that is why you can say that people live a program, that a medium can tell you about your future and so on. Life on Earth is a terminal rather than a source of life energy as well as death energy and both those energies are at war over the psychic territory.

          One day though, individuals will have to become aware of that game and take control over their psychism. That day, no one will be in position to tell them about their future but their real identity, certainly not their personalized consctruct.

          This was is being driven via thougts. This is why it is so difficult to not think according to collective values of the collective to which we fatally then belong for instance. This is why we cannot think what we want when we want.

          Those bonkers are no different except for the fact that they are factually possessed by dead idiots of the lower kind.

          1. I wasn’t
            really disagreeing.. only giving my opinion.

            There are sometimes physical reasons why people ‘see’ things etc. Tumors, chemical imbalances…that sort of thing. Our perceptions can be unreliable. I am married, but separated from my husband. He is bipolar…his reality is very different from that of the family. He will imagine things have occurred that did not, or conversely forget things that have occurred. He takes medication to try to balance the chemical misfiring in his head. I wouldn’t say this was a psychic phenomenon. You may do so if you wish, however. lol

            I believe you are referring to connection to the universal mind as it is often called. I believe that psychics often can tap into this stream of consciousness.

            Since I am not clairvoyant… I am only guessing here.. πŸ™‚

          2. relative reality
            Let us consider some sane people, from different environments.

            For example, a Chinese rural man, an Inuit man, an Indian woman from the countryside, and an American woman from New York City.

            I guarantee you that these 4 people live in completely different worlds, in their minds. Each of these worlds is equally valid. And for these examples, and more that you can come up with yourself, this has nothing to do with mental problems.

            It also is independent psychic phenomena from an outer realm, or global consciousness. It is purely the social environment.

            However, instead of insisting (like I usually do) that the other realm does not exist, let me take a different approach. Let us say that it does exist.

            The interpretation of what this other realm communicates to us depends very much on teh recipients of that communication. Someone who believes in the Virgin Mary sees the Virgin Mary. Someone who believes in Odin and Thor sees messages from Odin and Thor. Someone who believes in Cyberpunk believes they are part of a big computer simulation. And so on.

            So my next step (I am sure it is not my original invention, even though I just made this up yesterday), is simple:

            The other realm is so different, that we cannot understand it. So our this-worldly brains escape to interpretations that we are familiar with.

            I don’t say that we are too stupid. Just too different from the other realm. So we do the only thing we can, which is try to interpret whatever comes from there in our familiar concepts.

            Oh well, I used to get to the point much more quickly πŸ™‚

            If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.

            (Bill Clinton, and perhaps others)

          3. Culture
            Good morning everyone
            I wouldn’t say the ‘other realm’ is so different, Earthling; rather our varying experiences are. We are all brought up within specific cultures, and it is this which defines how we see things, as you actually allude to.
            Personally, I see the ‘other realm’ as our collective psychology, as part of a greater universal ‘whole’. Hence, collective human traits exist as a form of ‘under religion’, but this is interpreted differently by ‘culture’ which acts as a kind of ‘over mind’.
            Hence, spirituality, psychical phenomena, etc, is the result of a duality of under religion and over mind reacting with each other. Thus, an entity – or ‘archetype’ is a better term – can be identical in under religion, but is seen as a specific over mind interprets it.

            Reality, like time, is relative to the observer

            Anthony North

          4. hmm…
            my personal experiences.. don’t tally very well with your theories..

            but then…

            that would be so ordinary if they did right lol?

            Next time I have a lucid dream.. or see something that really isn’t there I will see if it fits with those ideas.

            One statement I will make however is that if we can’t relate to what we experience in the other realm it is rather a pointless journey. I’ve had some interesting ‘dreams’ whilst meditating that I had to go to a book store to figure them out. I had no idea what it meant at the time. I still ponder what they mean to me, what their possible relevance might be.

            keep asking, keep wondering, keep the dialog going

          5. Its the vibration Marissa
            Not the form.

            You must go with the vibration, not the form themselves.

            Forms, like words, carry psychic energy.

            Unfortunately, we are so used to categorise using forms, especially using words, that we have lost touch with our reality.

            Our reality is energy, our reality precedes the form, it is vibration, but we have become prisoners of the form and the form is now our master.

            Intelligence is not a form, it is energy, it is vibration, it lies beyond thought forms as it precedes thoughts.

            So, when you have an experience, such as a dream, who are sent by the spirits of the form because the ego being suspended, they can then communicate without as much problems and dangers for the psychology, you must feel them by vibration.

            What lies behind the form?

            Don’t forget, the laws that support those forms, whether in a dream or on a mental screen, are not those of psychology. They can only condition psychology. But, the vibration is always there for you to not be fooled.

          6. Overmind.
            Culture does indeed incarcerate the field of experience according to the need of people of a like need for experience. It totally conditions the mind via thoughts, because it hides behind the anonymity that invisibility affords it.

            They are absolutely different for one reason in particular:
            The laws to which they obey are not the laws that we know within a material body, although those laws impact those of matter, as well as the storing of experience as memories.

            The collective psychology is indeed the collective archive of human experience as found in one other realm. But memory in that realm is not as many would believe a static engram.

            Engrams are active concepts, entities or intelligences, that seek to amplify their quality via a complexification of their organization. They are intecacting actively with the mind, based on their vibratory empathy, based on their relative evolution, which to them is equivalent to their organizational state. This is the world of the dead, the world of the archived dumbs. This world does not behave according to psychological laws, it creates psychology by interacting with the material-animal body and by intercepting the source of human intelligence and forcing it to reflect upon a layer of experiential memories as a form to which the individual can refer to and that creates the near perfect illusion of an ego, as defined by psychology.

            There are other realms that have other laws and organization and that lay either beyond that world or that is captioned between the dead and the living, the ether.

            The laws of these worlds have nothing to do with memorial archetypal engrams that have been used to dominate humanity since its descent into an animal body. The laws of these worlds are of a time that is opposite to that of the dead.

            This is why thoughts are in full opposition with the light of man’s source, that the archetype of a fallen man, severed from his reality, from eden, who became trapped in death, came to interfere with the mind, as an exemple, where it did not explain anything but gave humanity a hope of a future reconnection.

            Collective unconsciousness as a realm as you put it Anthony, has hijacked man’s reality, replaced it with concepts, and kept it prisonner of his thoughts, while he craved for the powerful lures of animal cravings, food, sex and power, that all respond to astral laws of material energy organization that we recognize as life.

            But life is not in matter, it activates matter. Life is not in the astral, the astral archives life’s movement in matter for the creation of past, current and future evolutionary models on their own plane of reality. Life lies beyond that world, beyond archetypes, beyond memory, because life creates all forms it needs to support its movement through all universes, through all planes of reality, from the highest level of intelligent hierarchies to this lowest level of mechanical intelligence.

            Once men have reconnected with his reality, which issues forth from these extremely advanced realms, a new unit of consciousness can be created by fusing all the alter egos of all these realms into a single entity that has access to all planes of reality and is no longer divided against itself.

            So, then, the archetype of the overmind will be destroyed and , like all archetypes that encapsulate psychology, will cede before the glory of the sons of light, yet another archetype that will have to cede before reality.

            Just saying.

          7. I am with Earthling on this…
            …when he says:

            [quote]The interpretation of what this other realm communicates to us depends very much on teh recipients of that communication. Someone who believes in the Virgin Mary sees the Virgin Mary. Someone who believes in Odin and Thor sees messages from Odin and Thor. Someone who believes in Cyberpunk believes they are part of a big computer simulation. And so on.

            So my next step (I am sure it is not my original invention, even though I just made this up yesterday), is simple:

            The other realm is so different, that we cannot understand it. So our this-worldly brains escape to interpretations that we are familiar with.

            I don’t say that we are too stupid. Just too different from the other realm. So we do the only thing we can, which is try to interpret whatever comes from there in our familiar concepts.[/quote]

            This is exactly what it is.

            We are not stupid, we lack information and we use thoughts based on memory.

            Good show Earthling. πŸ˜‰

          8. Undefined
            Hi Richard,
            Earthling is coming on in leaps and bounds, isn’t he? πŸ™‚
            My relationship between under-religion and over mind needs a little clarification, me thinks. If under-religion is our species psychology at a lower level of universal consciousness, we can class it, not as ‘different’, but undefined. Basically, it needs a cultural expression – an over mind – to put form to it, as Earthling suggests.
            This ties in nicely with the probabilistic state of the subatomic – which I would suggest incorporates consciousness – and the ability of our observation to define it.

            Reality, like time, is relative to the observer

            Anthony North

          9. I rely
            on my intuition.

            The ‘feel’ of the energy.
            The intensity of it.
            I visuals that come with it.
            and any other sensations that clue me in

            Had a lucid dream just today. I did try to see my own reflection in the dream…but was thwarted by seeing only a fuzzy reflection. Even my looking at my hands was blurred. I could not tell who I was by my hands.

            I might type it up. I try to do so as soon after that I can manage.

            You all might understand the particulars and the deep meanings etc. I just understand what I feel.

          10. Overmind redux
            Then, taken from that angle Anthony, what will happen is that one by one people will find that they will bend to the overmind no more from which point they will develop a supermind that will refuse any form of domination from an overmind, where it through their own psychic channel or that of others.

            The overmind that you describe acts as a shield, a veil, between man in matter and man’s source.

            I make a distinction between what is universal and what is collective at a planetary level.

            Universal consciousness cannot be encapsulated by concepts, what psychology has called archetypes.

            These archetypes are both a limit and a protection. They create a limit in the sense that they deprive the individual from his right to know the essence that hides behind those forms and they are a protection because the individual’s mental space may not be ready at this time to be penetrated by the essence hidden by that form and not loose countenance. This is an individual process and in the future, evolution will not be a collective process.

            This distinction I also make at the subatomic plane. There are competing attributes at that level that stem from the opposed axis of time into which these energies are in movement. These axis meet at the material level but they don’t meet at theirs.

            The universal energy cannot inhabit matter directly as it has anti-matter attributes like it is within an anti-time axis. It needs a vehicle to interface and that vehicle is of a subtle fabric that exists between the heavy energy condensation of matter and the extremely subtle fabric of light at its level.

            These interim planes are not necessarily constructed and an alternative material interface at another energy level was used, which we have called the soul but which answers to the energy laws of that world it travels, that belongs to the overmind.

            As it used an astral vehicle to interface with matter, using an astral component to electrify cellular consciousness at the material level, the universal packet of light that we have called spirit got trapped, was severed from its consciousness of its origin, and was forced to interpret its reality through its data feeding interface. The experience was then recuperated according to the laws of the overmind, rather than those of universal consciousness.

            At one point, that spirit will have to wake up and mate the astral attributes of his vehicle that is now extremely tainted with memories, used by the overmind to reflect an appearance of consciousness that satisfy the incarnate as it knows not outside of its material and animal driven senses and the pleasures this condition can derive.

            Mating this condition will strip the astral composition from the etheric core, another subatomic energy field so that the astral soul is replaced with an etheric body as an electrifying process that bears no characteristic of astral driven animality.

            Not being made of astral energy anymore, that consciousness will not be limited to travel that plane anymore and will therefore not be submitted to death, a phenomenon closely related to that energy field.

            Immortality is not a concept of immortal flesh but to one of permanence of the link between all those energy fields. As of now, until the etheric body is present, when man leaves his material body behind, he is forced to return to the astral, the world where the dead work according to the astral laws, but the link to its source is broken, effectively making of that consciousness a memory. The severance of this link, that can only exist while in matter, is the reason why the dead cannot think but only reflect their knowledge.

            Memory is not just a static value, it can be considered as an intelligence frozen in a form and an active principle that seeks to perfect itself. But the source of consciousness that is part of universal intelligence can create any form it wants to express itself infinitely and is therefore not submitted to any form. It is the law behind all forms and is perfect in its world of origin.

            All of this to say that the overmind must be eliminated from consciousness for man to recover his identity and free himself from experience and start creating.

          11. The future?
            Hi Richard,
            If I’ve got you right, we face two possible futures. First, the overmind remains. This is preferabe, for it allows diversity. Such diversity is vital for evolution, for life is only successful when it tries every avenue open to it.
            Second, we become gods.
            Then what?

            I’m fanatical about moderation

            Anthony North

          12. Two avenues
            You got me right, in part.

            Yes there are two options and these will be that of the part of humanity that will remain bonded to the 5th race for that time necessary to complete their experiential function, there will be another part of humanity that will be subjected to the penetration of an energy, universal intelligence associated to their soul function as a relay, that will stamp out the psychological aspect of the ego to place him into a direction, totally turned around his past direction, from involution to evolution.

            Diversity is not just a function of the overmind, the overmind being the veil that disallows man from knowing beyond the form. Psychological constructs that are implemented to pose as an alter impression of self that psychologist call the personality, are not the reality of the individual but rather an experimental petri dish that conditions the ego’s activities and apparent decision making.

            Therefore, the ego never decides anything, he is pressured into a direction or another by way of emotions, instincts, memory and collective archetypes, that give him an impression of diversity only because the ego identifies with the color of his experience, which is dumped upon him to create opposition so that in time he has built enough strenght to be able to support the full charge of the penetration of the forces of creation in him.

            Man, in his personal origin, is an absolute and unique intelligence, in that he has a unique vibration and that no other intelligence bears that number, that name.

            The variety at that level is not one of comparison but one of permanent creation of one’s own reality at every discreete instant of the manifestation of the universal principles of intelligence, will and love, absolutely not conditioned by any parameter outside of one’s own consciousness.

            This is not god. God is another archetype, under the rule of the overlord as you call it, which is yet another archetype that hides the true nature of the hierarchies that are responsible for the evolution and organization of matter and material consciousness.

            But it is a creative principle, that lies beyond any archetype, because it can never be conditioned or limited.

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