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Following in the footsteps of documentary movies such as Zeitgeist and What the Bleep, the upcoming Metaphysia looks at the changes happening around us, and the ‘new’ metaphysical philosophies which seek to explain what is going on…

Metaphysia documents the story of Writer/Director Sean M. Fisher’s journey into the metaphysical subcultures of the United States. His journey is motivated by very serious life questions, when he wakes one morning to realize that the world he once took for granted is not at all as it once seemed. He begins to ask questions which probe the very depths of our New Century predicament: a world caught in the midst of unprecedented development, filled with extreme experiences and dire circumstances. These questions drive him beyond the borders of convention into the realm of Metaphysia, the mysteriously arising culture of all things alternative and metaphysical, as he seeks for fresh answers.

The website has more details, and also has a lengthy teaser trailer for the movie.